Using Perlu Packs to Uncover Cool Content Collaboration Opportunities Right Now

Consumers hate advertising. That’s why influencers are making such an impact with online audiences.

In fact, 75% of marketers are now using influencers as a marketing tool, and roughly 43% plan to increase influencer marketing spending in the coming year, according to a 2018 survey from the Association of National Advertisers (ANA).

A Google study revealed that 70% of teenagers on YouTube are more influenced by popular YouTubers than celebrities. A Twitter study found that while individuals exposed to brand Tweets had a 2.7X lift in purchase intent over those who had not, the lift in purchase intent jumped to 5.2X when a campaign also included influencer Tweets.

Consumers trust their peers—which is why influencer marketing is currently the fastest-growing online customer-acquisition channel.

The opportunity for influencers to connect with brands and make money is exponential, but to do so, you’ll need to create content that others love to consume. Content that they look forward to. Content that they are eager to share with friends.

And the reality is that you’re probably knee-deep in content creation all the time: videos, photos, and posts galore. That’s why there’s Perlu, a one-of-a-kind, influencer network created to help influencers like yourself collaborate with other influencers so that you can grow your audience and achieve more than ever before.

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Sure, you could do this content creation thing all by yourself, logging crazy hours, and pounding Red Bulls every night, but when you partner with other influencers and tap into their artistry and expertise, you can scale the heck out of your activities and grow your audience more quickly. Pretty sweet, right?

OK, then, let’s see how Perlu can help.

Discover a New Path to Other Influencers

Private Facebook Groups can be a pain to create and monitor. Tracking all of your communications with other influencers in a spreadsheet just leads to a lot of outdated information. Emailing other influencers with questions, suggestions, and ideas can require a full-time administrative position to monitor.

Sure, you have your core peers who you know and trust, but how can you find other influencers and help each other out? And how can you find other influencers who might not even be in the same industry as you, but have valuable insight to grow your community and your business?

This is why Perlu was created. We have more than 25 categories (from automotive to travel) and more than 350 subcategories (from saltwater aquariums and running, to men’s shaving and super moms) of Perlu Packs to collaborate with. A Perlu Pack is a curated collection of experts, enthusiasts, and creators related to a specific topic (kind of like a Private Facebook Group, only 10X more useful…). You can join an existing Pack, or create your own. A Pack can be a group of influencers you’d like to collaborate with, all focused on a specific topic (like travel hacking, for example), or can be based on a special project, or can be a private group that you’d like to monitor, or can be a new area of interest in which you’d like to start getting involved.

Why collaborate with other influencers? To create a network, develop content, grow your audience, build your reputation, and drive sales like never before.

This is a living, breathing Catalina Wine Mixer. (If you haven’t watched Step Brothers, we feel sorry for you. Get on that today.)

Collaborate with Other Influencers

One key to becoming a successful influencer (and maintaining that status) is creating awesome content. Join forces with other influencers to be introduced to each other’s communities. Co-authoring content with others enables you to generate fresh, new, innovative content, while reaching 2X the audience. Both you and your co-collaborator benefit, with no downside.

Influencer-to-influencer collaboration is alive and well within Perlu Packs. All you have to do is create a Pack of influencers, and start creating collaboration opportunities. Or, join a Pack and choose whether you want to jump into a current collaboration or start your own.

Recently in our Foodie Blogs Pack, the members collaborated on a video together. So did Fantasy Sports Pack members, four of whom have special projects they are seeking help with and three of whom requested consultation advice within a collaboration. Our Inexpensive Travel Pack has included questions to the group, requests for collaboration on special projects, and inquiries for consultation.

Artists and experts are everywhere and they’re more than willing to help. What you need is a sharing, giving mentality and a passion about the particular Perlu Packs you join.

What kinds of content can you create with other influencers using Perlu? Here are a few ideas to get you started:

1. Co-Author an Article or Post

An easy way to get started collaborating with fellow influencers is to co-author an article or post. You have expertise, they have expertise, and doing a content piece together enables you to double the value for your audience without an oversized investment of time or resources.

To ease the process, be sure to define the role each of you will play in the collaboration. Set up a shared, online collaboration environment, such as Google Drive. Craft a production schedule, and define a clear outline from which you’ll work together.

2. Trade Awesome Content

Have a cool content idea? See which other communities would eat it up!

Even without co-authoring content, you’re able to collaborate with other influencers within Perlu through the trading of content each of you has created. This is a fast and easy way to extend your reach to an entirely new audience, while introducing fresh, new content from others for your own audience.

Plus, helping other influencers by introducing them to your community not only provides your audience with something new, it helps out a fellow influencer. The Golden Rule is alive and well—and amplified—on social media. Perlu is here to help you help others. And vice versa.

3. Learn New Stuff

Once you create a Pack or join a Pack of like-minded influencers in Perlu, you can create a “Quick Collab” to learn and gain new insights through options such as Start a Survey, Trade Expertise, and Ask the Pack. You know your core audience, of course, but there’s so much more to be learned. And other audiences to wow.

You’re a foodie whose expertise is cakes, cookies, and brownies, but you’re looking to find someone to help you craft the perfect crème brûlée. Or, you’re a travel blogger who has been to Europe a thousand times, but is now looking to explore and write about Indonesia, Bhutan, and Thailand.

Within Perlu, you’re surrounded by experts. Don’t be afraid to tap their experience and pick their brains to help make your content ridiculously awesome. The more you know, the more you’ll be able to engage and wow your audience.

4. Take Some Photos or Shoot a Video

Looking for photos of the most unique food trucks in the country for your blog or book? Or perhaps you’re putting together a video and are in need of snippets from amusement parks with the scariest rides? Or, maybe you’re looking to add augmented reality (AR) to your latest travel hacking ebook?

Well, then, you’re in luck!

You’ll be surprised how many super awesome photographers and videographers you’ll find (and a few AR specialists…) within the Perlu network. Request photos or videos, trade them, or collaborate together on new ones. With the help of those who know their stuff inside and out, you can make your content even more ridiculously awesome with the right photos and videos.

5. Host an Event

Know why there are so many award shows on TV? For the same reason there are so many conferences and tradeshows: people really enjoy the live experience (plus, events make money).

What if you invited your fellow influencers for a new event, and also invited all of your audiences to attend? This is the power of shared passion.

It’s a win-win-win, for you, your fellow influencers, and your audiences. You’ll have a handful of influential social media experts on a specific topic, all on the same stage, all ready to share ideas, and inspire your combined audience.

Try going a little nuts with the content of your event. Explore and experiment. After all, the first TED Talk included a demo of the compact disc as well as a demonstration of how to map coastlines using the theory of fractal geometry. No need to do the same old, same old.


Perlu is here to help you scale your content production. To learn more, create more, share more, improve more, and grow more. What if you could find shortcuts, avoid common pitfalls and team-up with other powerful influencers? These seven tips are just the beginning.

We invite you to join Perlu and start collaborating today. Or if you’re already a member, request a new collaboration and start creating some ridiculously awesome content with other Perlunators now.

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