5 Ways Perlu Makes Influencer Marketing 5X Easier for Brands

Anytime a new strategy or trend develops, new brands and companies pop up to try to be part of the wave. Sometimes this is a good thing, but it can often mean the creation of platforms and software that don’t actually help anyone involved and lead to headaches and financial frustration (or both; usually both).

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The world of influencer marketing is no different. There are plenty of smart people developing influencer marketing platforms that supposedly help brands connect with influencers, but often these are created without consumers in mind, aimed at capitalizing on the new craze and not on helping people. So what should you and your brand do? Just give up and try to do it all yourself? No! Use Perlu.

What Is Perlu?

If we believed you shouldn’t bother with an influencer marketing platform, then, 1) we would have titled this blog post “Don’t Bother With an Influencer Marketing Platform,” and 2) we wouldn’t do what we do. But our influencer marketing platform, Perlu, provides actual solutions – not empty promises and useless answers.

I know, I know. That seems like some real big talk coming from a blog post on Perlu’s website. But we really mean it. Perlu’s influencer marketing platform aims to be the best for both sides of the coin, with helpful tools and insights for both brands and influencers.

In short, Perlu is a professional network of influencers.

Think: LinkedIn for influencers

Influencers use Perlu to connect and collaborate with each other, organize communities, and grow their brand. And then we give brands – that’s you – a VIP pass into that network so you can find and develop partnerships with real influencers and authentic audiences for your influencer marketing campaigns.

What Makes Perlu So Great?

1. Perlu’s network reduces the risk of working with fakes or poorly qualified influencer partners

Many platforms are not active participants in the process of connecting brands and influencers. What we really mean is, often, these platforms are no more than the Yellow Pages – lists of names and social media handles; barely more info than you could find with a quick Google search. This might be helpful, but it can end up wasting a lot of your time.

Perlu isn’t just a database of statistics scraped from social media platforms – it’s a professional network of where influencers can follow and connect with each other, send messages and discuss topics, themselves into groups and collaborate. Perlu aims to actually help both brands and their influencers who to develop their audiences and personal image. Because they’re actually a part of the Perlu platform and not just a name on a list, you get to see their activity and the quality of their collaborations right on the platform – you see who they really are, not just some metrics. This helps you avoid wasting time and resources on fake influencers and bot-driven content.

2. Perlu Advisors reduce risk and offer expert guidance

Perlu takes “influencer marketing platform” to the next level by putting brands in touch with Perlu Advisors. These Advisors are experts – experienced influencers and leaders in their categories who are well connected with other influencers on Perlu who can help you promote your brand. By working with a Perlu Advisor, brands are able to achieve their goals through innovative, engaging, and effective campaigns.

As influencer marketing continues to pick up speed, more and more influencers are rolling their eyes as brands take wild guesses when pitching influencers – how to pitch an influencer, what compensation to offer, what kind of campaign to run, which influencer to pick, etc. To avoid these silly mistakes, a brand can consult with a Perlu Advisor as part of their campaign planning to ensure alignment at all stages of the process.

3. Perlu Packs speed campaign launches

You wouldn’t pay someone to market your brand to the wrong audience. If you pride yourself on being the best dog bed brand on the planet, you’re not going to want someone who hates animals promoting your product (as if anyone truly hates animals, but you get what we’re saying).

In Perlu, members gather around topics or like-minded peers in Packs – groups of influencers who share a common interest. Packs are created and curated by influencers already on Perlu, and they reflect their participants’ best judgment on who’s who in hundreds of niches.

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Whether your brand’s demographic is the whole world or just a tiny select few, Perlu’s Packs can help you find the right influencer for your campaign. That’s what sets Perlu apart from other influencer marketing platforms; instead of tediously building lists of influencers one by one, you can use Packs to connect with the highly sought-after micro-influencers who can help you reach hyper-targeted audiences.

This saves tons of time by finding influencers in their Packs and reduces risk by ensuring that your professional influencers are curating quality brand collaborations.

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4. Perlu Collabs pre-qualify potential influencer partners with precision, eliminating time wasted screening unqualified partners

The influencer community continues to grow exponentially, bringing seemingly endless options for brands to engage with new partners. But this growth isn’t all good news: not all influencers are a great fit for your brand. Some aren’t even legit! And ideally, you’d want to work with an influencer who has some experience working with brands and approaches collaboration in a professional manner. To make things even more challenging, you probably need not just one or two partners, but 20, 40, 100 or more, especially if you’re executing a micro-influencer strategy.

On Perlu, great influencers stand out and are easy for brands to find. How? Turns out influencers work with each other all the time to develop their personal brands, develop content, and grow their audiences. Find one good influencer, and you’ll probably find a dozen more that share interests and have a history of working together.

Influencers on Perlu haven’t just signed up hoping to be discovered. They’re on Perlu to work with other each other and develop professionally. As they use Perlu tools, they leave evidence of their connections to each other and how they’ve worked together. Who are the pros in the crowd? Influencers with good connections to their peers and a track record of collaborations. Influencers with no history should be considered very carefully: they’re either so new as to be of little use to a brand or worse – they may be fake.

Connections and collaboration history are the foundation of Perlu’s influencer discovery and collaboration tools, making it easy for brands to find true leaders of both broad categories and esoteric niches and qualify them based on endorsements from their peers. On Perlu, the qualified always stand out.

5. The Perlu influencer marketing platform is faster and easier than email and spreadsheets for managing influencer collaborations

Perlu’s innovative collaboration workflow system, which includes support for payments, is built
right into the platform; it’s a big part of what separates us from the rest. That system is designed to support managing projects involving large numbers of influencers.

When your brand uses Perlu, you’re not just opening a spreadsheet and scouring countless names of various influencers – you’re participating in a community that collaborates so everyone wins.

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