Spotlight: Home Decor Influencers | August 2020

Ready for a home makeover? This next group of Perlu members can help! Piecing together unique spaces in apartments, traditional homes, and even log cabins is the day-to-day grind for these home decor influencers. They all have a wide range of design expertise and could be a valuable asset for any decor brand looking for new audiences and partners!

Decorating with a vintage farmhouse flair is Shanna’s expertise. Breakfast tables adorned with woven mats, shelves filled with elegant trinkets, and a rustic dresser at the foot of her Lull bed all work together to create a classic country vibe. Whether it’s decor staples like Bed Bath & Beyond or online powerhouses like Wayfair, this interior decor expert uses all of the best brands to make her house look like it belongs in a magazine. 

Log cabin life has never looked so luxurious! To Kristin, lakeside living is the only way to go. Tending to her landscaping, relaxing on her dock, and enjoying boat days with her pup is how this Perlu member spends her summer days in the Wisconson Northwoods. Themes inspired by fishing, mountain life, and sailing fill the rooms of her rustic home. Kohl’s, Target, and others provide the looks that Kristin needs to make her lakefront address a paradise.

Withniki’s minimalist boho flair blesses her followers’ feeds with fresh designs that are meant to inspire. Pastel pinks and rosy-beige tones are the base of her decorating style, and coziness is key when it comes to her homey sanctuary. This influencer has spent her quarantine focusing on her studies, embarking upon Animal Crossing adventures, and customizing her room. Collages of posters come together on her walls as if they were taken right out of the vision board of a renowned fashion designer. 

This green-thumbed interior designer posts DIY home decor tricks that allow a glimpse into her Bay Area lifestyle. Jackie’s cozy apartment is filled with her plant friends, transforming it into a homey greenhouse! Natural light illuminates her charming home, and her posts are just as bright as her lovely white walls. Brands like poppin. are lining up to work with this trendy designer, and with Perlu, you can too!        

To Emily, tidiness counts! This home decor mom makes sure to fill her home with efficient furniture that helps her family to stay organized. Every last inch of her Des Moines home is structured to control the disarray that can accumulate during the week. In order to maintain her well-kept layout, everything from cutting cord clutter with Sleek Socket to organizing her garage with iDesign containers proves that Emily turns spring cleaning into an ongoing ordeal. 

Partnering with these talented interior designers and home decor influencers is an absolute must. Be sure to add them to your Packs and connect with them on Perlu today!

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