Perlu Advisory Council

The Perlu Advisory Council is our connection to the influencer community. Our Council members are our “go to” experts on all things “influencer” and help guide us in making Perlu the essential tool for influencer growth and success.

Jessie Festa’s Avatar

Jessie Festa

Jessica Festa is a native New Yorker and owner of the solo female and offbeat travel blog, Jessie on a Journey as well as the online responsible tourism and culture magazine, Epicure & Culture.

Since 2014, she’s been teaching online blogging courses to travelers wanting to make their dreams of location independence a reality.

When not galavanting around the globe, you can find her leading photo tours in New York, taking yoga and hip hop classes, and sipping her way through the local cocktail scene.

Brittany Shue’s Avatar

Brittany Shue

I am a full time working mom of two. I started my blog and social media accounts to share my postpartum fitness journey. From there, I have connected with women and moms from all over the world. What started out as a small fitness blog has grown to include areas of lifestyle, fashion, parenting and travel. I love being a resource to my followers and creating exciting content.

Patrick Breen’s Avatar

Patrick Breen

Patrick Breen is a singer-songwriter, guitarist, and music producer from New York City. From an early age Patrick was drawn to the sounds of the electric guitar and would subsequently spend years crafting and perfecting his own sound.

Patrick has spent time in a variety of different roles, on “both sides of the glass” of music recording, but songwriting and production have always been where Patrick feels most at home.

The sounds of 70s Soul, 90s Hip-Hop, Modern Pop, and Indie Rock all find their way into Patrick’s music. While his influences are familiar, Patrick has still managed to craft a truly unique sound that is all his own.