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Megan Jerrard — Australia Travel Editor’s Avatar

Megan Jerrard — Australia Travel Editor

Megan is an Australian Journalist and the founder and senior editor of; a niche adventure travel blog with a focus on cultural immersion, authentic discovery and incredible journeys. She visits off the beaten path destinations to cover corners of the globe which still remain relatively undiscovered.

Having visited 50+ countries across all seven continents, Megan has accumulated a wealth of knowledge about what the world has to offer. Her articles have been widely published and acknowledged by publications such as National Geographic, the New York Times, Forbes, and British Airways High Life, and she has worked with many high profile brands such as Star Alliance, Marriott International, Chimu Adventures, and more.

Editor Since 10/18
Jessie Festa — Solo Female Travel Editor’s Avatar

Jessie Festa — Solo Female Travel Editor

Jessica Festa is a native New Yorker and owner of the solo female and offbeat travel blog, Jessie on a Journey as well as the online responsible tourism and culture magazine, Epicure & Culture.

Since 2014, she’s been teaching online blogging courses to travelers wanting to make their dreams of location independence a reality.

When not galavanting around the globe, you can find her leading photo tours in New York, taking yoga and hip hop classes, and sipping her way through the local cocktail scene.

Kavita Favelle — Foodie Travel Editor’s Avatar

Kavita Favelle — Foodie Travel Editor

Kavita is a British food and travel writer based in the UK. She founded Kavey Eats – a food and travel blog – in 2009, and loves to share in-depth content on independent travel around the world, restaurant reviews, delicious recipes and reviews of everything from cookery books and classes to food and travel products. She also launched Mamta’s Kitchen in 2001, a hugely popular recipe website she runs with her mother, Mamta.
Kavita loves working with fellow influencers and brands in her niche areas, so get in touch to connect.
Editor Since 10/18
Karolina Klesta — European Travel Editor’s Avatar

Karolina Klesta — European Travel Editor

Karolina is a full-time traveler, influencer, relationship expert. She is the founder of Lazy Travel Blog and Relations Hacker platform that helps couples bring the spark back to their relationships.

She is exploring the world with her husband since 2013. In 2018 they welcomed the new member of their family to this world- baby girl Mia. It didn’t stop them from traveling and visiting new places.

Karolina believes that freedom is the highest value and everybody deserves to live life to the fullest. She is encouraging people to follow their hearts and become locationally and financially independent.

Kelly Stilwell — Culinary Travel Editor’s Avatar

Kelly Stilwell — Culinary Travel Editor

Kelly Stilwell is the writer, influencer, and photographer at Food, Fun & Faraway Places, focusing on food, fun activities, and luxury travel.

Editor Since 11/18
Nathan Sado — Fit Living Lifestyle Editor’s Avatar

Nathan Sado — Fit Living Lifestyle Editor

Nathan Sado is a Pacific Northwest native that travels full time around the world. He is the co-owner of multiple websites including
Fit Living Lifestyle
, Live Dream Discover, Discover the PNW and Build Your Social Game.

He has worked with dozens of brands and destinations over the years.Through a network of social accounts and content creation he hopes to inspire people around the globe to seek out new experiences and unique adventures and to live life instead of just going through the motions.

Editor Since 01/19
Stephanie White — Canadian Travel Editor’s Avatar

Stephanie White — Canadian Travel Editor

Stephanie is a Canadian travel journalist and the editor of her travel blog Her blog and social media targets travelers who are passionate about delicious food, finding beautiful sights and enjoying a touch of luxury. Stephanie also loves to share her experiences at chic hotels, cruises, vineyards, and trendy restaurants across the globe.

Her travel advice and articles have been featured in numerous publications including Flight Networks, Business Insider, MSN, Narcity, Daily Hive, and Insider. As a travel influencer and writer, Stephanie has partnered with many high profile brands including Air France, Fairmont Hotels & Resorts, Hyatt Hotels & Resorts, and Ashford Castle.

Vanessa Hunt — Eastern Europe Travel Editor’s Avatar

Vanessa Hunt — Eastern Europe Travel Editor

Vanessa is a world traveler and mother of four who loves sharing her knowledge, experiences, and love for traveling. Exploring since 2010, she has created a community of like-minded travelers who share her passion.

Editor Since 01/19
Jenn Mitchell — Motherhood Health Editor’s Avatar

Jenn Mitchell — Motherhood Health Editor

Jenn Mitchell is a proud mom, wife and adventure seeker. She’s traveled either solo or with family to 22 countries and 36 U.S. states so far. A former personal trainer, Jenn looks for ways to keep her family fit and active both at home and on the road. Her personal fitness journey was published in Prevention Magazine. She’s also been featured in Good Housekeeping, Women’s Health, and Fitness magazines. Jenn created the award-winning blog, Comeback Momma where her goal is to inspire other moms and families to live happy and healthy lives.

Jenn has partnered with a variety of leading brands to communicate authentically with her Millennial and Gen-X followers. When she’s not working, this Boston area suburbanite enjoys photography, meeting new people, movie watching, Netflix binging, making her kids laugh, cuddling with her rescue dog, and her morning cup of tea.

Editor Since 01/19
Jennifer O'Shea — Motherhood Fitness Editor’s Avatar

Jennifer O'Shea — Motherhood Fitness Editor

Jennifer is the owner of Motherhood blogging community for busy moms and military spouses, Teach.Workout.Love. Along with blogging + freelance writing, she is a mom, army wife and full-time teacher. Jennifer lives in Washington State and is a born + raised New Yorker. In her spare time, she loves traveling, yoga, the beach, writing, listening to books and drinking coffee.

Sheri McDonald — Canadian Family Travel Editor’s Avatar

Sheri McDonald — Canadian Family Travel Editor

Sheri is an adventurous mom of 4 who specializes in family travel. After getting on an airplane for the first time at 36, Sheri’s travel bug has taken her and her family on great adventures. From flying over Albuquerque in a hot-air balloon to filming a promotional video in Jamaica, Sheri is willing to try anything once. Watch for her first book “100 Things to Do in Canada Before You Die” to hit the shelves in October 2019.

Editor Since 01/19
Beau Coffron — Fatherhood Editor’s Avatar

Beau Coffron — Fatherhood Editor

Beau Coffron is a dad who was inspired to create special lunches every Monday for his kids, while they are in school. Many of these lunches are fashioned after characters such as Despicable Me Minions, Disney Princesses, and Star Wars Characters. From this project his blog, Lunchbox Dad, was born. The blog went viral and expanded to national appearances on T.V. shows such as Good Morning America and The Steve Harvey Show. Beau has been prominently featured in People Magazine and on websites such as Buzzfeed, The Huffington Post, Bored Panda, Yahoo, E! Online, and Martha Stewart.

Editor Since 01/19
Meg Cale — LGBTQ Travel Editor’s Avatar

Meg Cale — LGBTQ Travel Editor

Meg Cale runs the number one lesbian travel blog, Her work focuses on LGBT inclusive travel. Meg has been cited in two consecutive United Nation’s World Tourism Organization Reports on LGBT Tourism as leading experts and in the European Travel Commission’s Report on LGBT Tourism. Meg has also been a featured speaker and subject matter expert at most of the annual LGBT travel conferences worldwide. IGLTA, GNETWORK360 in Argentina, Sweden’s LGBT Travel Summit, Thailand’s Luxury LGBT Travel Symposium and The New York Times Travel Show. When she’s not on the road, she is a freelance travel journalist and consultant for brands on best practices in LGBT marketing. Since starting DotR in 2013, Meg has visited 48 countries, spoken at LGBT conferences on four continents, published her first book, appeared on red carpets, and had her blog read by more than a half a million people.

Editor Since 01/19
Keri Hedrick — Middle East Travel Editor’s Avatar

Keri Hedrick — Middle East Travel Editor

Keri is a freelance travel writer, photographer, and social media influencer based in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

She is the owner and editor of OurGlobetrotters.Com, a family travel website inspiring families to explore the world with their children and FamilyTravel-MiddleEast.Com – A collaborative platform for those planning Arabian adventures their kids.

Keri is also co-editor of Little City Trips – a family travel website dedicated to helping families plan big city trips with their kids.

Lonely Planet Pathfinder & featured writer, founding member of UAE Mom Bloggers, Family Travel Bloggers Group & Family Travel Inspiration community group. NMC Registered influencer in the UAE.

Editor Since 02/19
Dana Freeman — Cruising Editor’s Avatar

Dana Freeman — Cruising Editor

Dana is originally from New York City but has been calling Vermont home for the last 20 years. She is an entrepreneur, freelance journalist, and the editor behind Dana Freeman Travels. Through her writing, she provides unique destination information, reviews, and travel tips. Dana specializes in cruise, luxury, adventure, food, and multi-generational travel. You won’t find any touristy places on her itinerary. She always prefers the road less traveled and her favorite place to be is OOO.

Editor Since 02/19
Lizzie Lau — Single Parent Travel Editor’s Avatar

Lizzie Lau — Single Parent Travel Editor

Lizzie is a Vancouver based freelance travel writer, editor, web designer, and owner of Lizzie Lau Travels, a blog dedicated to inspiring parents to explore the world with their kids. After nearly 20 years of world travel as a chef on private yachts, she jumped ship in Central America to start a family.  Now as a single mom, she continues to seek out adventures to enjoy with her daughter Vivi (8). Vivi will be happy to tell you all about the time a 20” whale shark bumped our kayak in the Sea of Cortez!

Editor Since 01/19
Jackie Dodd — Craft Beer Editor’s Avatar

Jackie Dodd — Craft Beer Editor

Jackie Dodd is an award-winning beer and food writer and photographer based in Seattle, Washington. She has lived a somewhat uncommon life, she learned to make fried chicken in Compton, almost died in Morocco, taught a gang member to drive a stick, and has an above-average ability to fold fitted sheets. But how does a farm girl with a Masters in Psychology and failed stints in everything from door-to-door vacuum sales to runway modeling become a published beer & food writer and photographer? Well, clearly she was running out of options.

Beer, writing, and photography were obsessions that she’d eventually get paid for; stories finding her, and her finding a home for them. From her website, to DRAFT Magazine, Parade Magazine, 1889 Magazine, and eventually her own cookbooks. She also loves writing about humans, particularly those with irregular lives and uncommon journeys. It should be no surprise that these are the people she relates best to, she is, after all, an irregular human with an uncommon journey.

Editor Since 01/19
Courtney Brandt — Middle East Culinary Travel Editor’s Avatar

Courtney Brandt — Middle East Culinary Travel Editor

I’ve been published with Elite Daily, The Forward Feed, A Luxury Travel Blog, Matador Network, JustLuxe, Travelettes, Citizen Femme, Khaleej Times, Roads & Kingdoms, and Eat this Poem.I provide global hotel coverage with Northstar Media.  I’m an American expat with over 10 years in the Middle East (Dubai, Doha, Abu Dhabi) and focus mainly on fine dining and hospitality through my blog, A to Za’atar. I am a Zomato Ambassador and member of the Association of Food Bloggers. I’m also a contributor to a local television series, What’s Cooking, UAE, and a regular speaker about F&B on Dubai Eye 103.8.

Roman Z — European Experiential Travel Editor’s Avatar

Roman Z — European Experiential Travel Editor

Roman is a travel influencer running an experiential travel blog and website about places to visit in Belarus, his home country.

He is also a digital nomad managing a team of freelancers including copywriters, web developers, SMM, and SEO specialists.

Editor Since 01/19
Michiel Perry — Southern Lifestyle Editor’s Avatar

Michiel Perry — Southern Lifestyle Editor

Michiel is the founder of and, the leading lifestyle brands highlighting diverse Southern tastemakers and “all things Southern.” Black Southern Belle has been featured in numerous outlets, including Southern Living, HGTV, Essence, Black Enterprise, Draper James, Apartment Therapy, Brides, Today, Levo League, AOL Lifestyle Collective, Social Moms and more. Micheil and her team have worked on marketing campaigns with Pure Leaf, American Express, Gildan, Walmart, Lodge Cast Iron, Framebridge, Shipt, High Point Design Bloggers and various other Fortune 500 companies

Lauren Monitz — USA Travel Editor’s Avatar

Lauren Monitz — USA Travel Editor

Lauren Monitz is a travel/food writer and social media influencer specializing in experiential adventures. From becoming a certified viking in Iceland to blackwater rafting in New Zealand, she seeks out the most offbeat explorations wherever she goes. Lauren has bylines across the web from Thrillist and the Huffington Post to Eater and the Food Network. She recently founded The Influencer Institute to teach aspiring influencers how to maximize their online presence and to educate brands on best practices for working with influencers. You can follow her (mis)adventures on
Editor Since 11/18
Cacinda Maloney — Luxe Travel Editor’s Avatar

Cacinda Maloney — Luxe Travel Editor

An experienced luxury travel writer, photographer, and digital media influencer, Dr. Cacinda Maloney shares her love of travel with her tens of thousands of readers on her website A life-long learner, Dr. Maloney has been traveling every 6 weeks of her life for over 25 years and made it to 47 countries in 2016, 22 countries in 2017 and too many to count in 2018 for a total of 74 countries so far!

She searches for soft adventure, culture, and smart luxury travel experiences. She is also a travel ambassador for Travelocity and a Travel Expert for FlipBoard, and a brand ambassador for Delsey Luggage, Rocky Mountaineer, and Award Wallet, representing travel-related brands.

Editor Since 12/18
Alicia Trautwein — Special Needs Parenting Editor’s Avatar

Alicia Trautwein — Special Needs Parenting Editor

Alicia Trautwein is an autistic mom of three autistic children. She uses this unique experience to coach other parents of special needs children. She is the founder of the award-winning parenting blog The Mom Kind, which is a site dedicated to parents of neurodiverse families. The Mom Kind covers topics that educate, encourage, involve, and sometimes just give you a great laugh!

Editor Since 09/18
Megan Marie — New England Fashion and Lifestyle’s Avatar

Megan Marie — New England Fashion and Lifestyle

Megan Marie is a 30 year old (style obsessed) stay-at-home mom living in a charming little corner of Massachusetts. Megan has a degree in business management and a love for fashion, beauty, design and great coffee! Megan invites her viewers to follow along on her journey as she decorates her newly built home and tries to gracefully juggle married life, 2 toddlers and 3 dogs. Megan is a member of several blogger groups including RewardStyle, Blogger Live Boston, and Style Collective.

Keryn Means — Family Travel Editor’s Avatar

Keryn Means — Family Travel Editor

Keryn is a freelance writer and digital influencer living outside of Washington, DC. Her work has been featured in Travel Age West magazine,, ParentMap Magazine,,, and many more print and digital publications looking for quality, well-researched content. Keryn launched Walking On Media, LLC, as the parent company to, as well as digital influencer projects where Keryn works with destinations and brands to create an authentic message that resonates with millennial and Gen X travelers, especially moms who don’t want to let go of their travel dreams. In 2017, Keryn launched Twist Travel magazine, a print and digital magazine that helps parents design a travel inspired life by bringing travel back into the home through décor, personal style, kid gear, and of course, getting out and seeing the world.

Most days you can find Keryn dragging the three men in her life across the globe or writing on her award-winning travel website Walking On Travels, a site that gives hope to today’s active parent who doesn’t see kids as a roadblock to travel, but an excuse to get out the door and explore. Keryn has laughed at the naysayers by bringing her boys to far off lands like China, Hong Kong, Japan, Hawaii, back and forth across the USA, Mexico, Canada and Europe. Keryn loves to encourage families to take that first step out the door, the hardest step of all.

Editor Since 11/18
Meg Burt — Motherhood Lifestyle Editor’s Avatar

Meg Burt — Motherhood Lifestyle Editor

Meg is a beauty and lifestyle blogger on She is an expert at balancing indulgence on a budget. She can show you how to make quality clothing, accessories, makeup and skincare purchases that make you look and feel fabulous and won’t break the bank. As a mom, Meg understands the importance of self-care and encourages moms to make time for themselves and to hold on to the pieces of themselves that can get lost in motherhood. She has a passion for skincare and firmly believes that a face mask and a bubble bath can fix anything.

Editor Since 10/18
Kirsten Maxwell — Adventure Family Travel Editor’s Avatar

Kirsten Maxwell — Adventure Family Travel Editor

Kirsten is a freelance travel writer, photographer, and digital influencer based in Chicago suburbs. She is the owner of Kids Are A Trip, a travel website inspiring families to explore the world beyond their backyard, and a Travelocity and Moon Guides Ambassador. A bilingual teacher of Puerto Rican descent, she truly believes travel is an education and feels fortunate she can teach her three boys about different cultures as the family has traveled to 25 countries and counting. After traveling as a family for 15 years, she has learned to find those off-the-beaten path experiences while still finding time to explore the popular attractions. Her work has been featured in Lonely Planet, The Chicago Tribune, Bravo TV, Family Vacation Critic, and various national publications.

Editor Since 11/18
Kacie Morgan — European Travel & Local Cuisine Editor’s Avatar

Kacie Morgan — European Travel & Local Cuisine Editor

Based in Cardiff, Wales, Kacie writes an award-winning food and travel blog called The Rare Welsh Bit. Her blog has been featured by BBC Radio Wales, BBC Radio Cambridgeshire, the Mail on Sunday, Metro, Blogosphere Magazine, Sainsbury’s Magazine, Cardiff University Alumni Connect Magazine, Made in Cardiff TV, Wales Online and the Western Mail.

This year, Kacie won the Blogger of the Year award from Grenada Tourism Authority for her coverage of Grenada Chocolate Festival. The Rare Welsh Bit was also named Best Food and Travel Blog in the Lux Life Magazine Awards, and shortlisted as one of the top 5 UK food and travel blogs in the Post Office Travel Blogger Awards

With over 10 years’ experience in writing and 8 years+ editorial experience, Kacie has also previously written for Thomas Cook, Icelolly, Sainsbury’s Magazine, The Standard (Hong Kong) and Around Town Wales Magazines.

Maiah Miller — Vegan Health Editor’s Avatar

Maiah Miller — Vegan Health Editor

Maiah has a passion for plant-based recipe development, food photography, writing, running, ballet, yoga (admittedly, almost all fitness) and almond milk lattes. She is an active mom to twin toddlers and is the founder of, where she shares her original vegan recipes and health and fitness articles.

Editor Since 10/18
Ava Roxanne Stritt — Luxury Travel Editor’s Avatar

Ava Roxanne Stritt — Luxury Travel Editor

Ava Roxanne Stritt,  founder of Spa Travel Gal has been influencing the spa and wellness travel client since 2009. She has been called the most influential person in the world for spa travel. Her followers say she is responsible for turning the average spa day into a wellness adventure. As a freelance writer she contributes to Travelocity, Upscale Living Magazine, LA Travel Magazine, Spa Inc. Magazine and many others. Ava is also a brand ambassador for multiple luxury travel brands such as Rocky Mountaineer. Follow this Social Influencer on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram @SpaTravelGal.
Editor Since 11/18
Angelina Papanikolaou — Baking Recipe Editor’s Avatar

Angelina Papanikolaou — Baking Recipe Editor

Angelina is a recipe creator, food photographer, and full-time blogger at  With over 8 years experience, Angelina is dedicated to providing easy to follow, yet delicious recipes to everyday home cooks. As a trained pastry chef and nutritionist, Angelina covers everything from decadent chocolate cakes to gluten free, sugar free, and vegan treats.

Meagan Wristen — Millennial Family Travel’s Avatar

Meagan Wristen — Millennial Family Travel

Meagan is the author and host of Mommy Travels. She will go anywhere in the world and try anything, especially if she can bring her three kids. Meagan is a millennial and single mom of Noah – 17, Eden – 14, and Jonah – 11, currently based in Portland, Oregon.

Editor Since 11/18
Alison Cornford-Matheson — Slow Travel Editor’s Avatar

Alison Cornford-Matheson — Slow Travel Editor

Alison Cornford-Matheson is a Canadian travel writer, author, and photographer. She is the founder of, a website dedicated to slow and sustainable travel, off-the-beaten-path destinations, and cultural awareness through travel. She and her husband, Andrew, are the founders of RockFort Media, committed to helping entrepreneurs tell their stories online. Alison has visited over 45 countries and, after living in Belgium for 11 years, now lives full-time in a Bigfoot motorhome named Yeti with Andrew and their well-travelled cat.

Amy Hartle — Couples Travel Editor’s Avatar

Amy Hartle — Couples Travel Editor

Amy Hartle is one half of romantic travel couple Two Drifters. Alongside her husband Nathan, she’s been blogging since 2012 about all things love & adventure. Amy holds a Master’s in English (which means she’s a real wordsmith) and a BA in Musical Theatre (which means she’s always entertaining). Working from home (the cold, hip town of Burlington, Vermont) Amy keeps herself running on a steady diet of maple lattes and witty repartee.

Editor Since 11/18
Jenn Walden — Homeschooling Editor’s Avatar

Jenn Walden — Homeschooling Editor

Jenn Walden is the founder of One House Schoolroom. One House Schoolroom strives to be a fun and informative resource for parents and families.  We work hard to offer the newest and most relevant information available on a variety of topics that are important to parents with children of all ages.  It is our heartfelt desire to encourage parents in their daily parenting journeys and to offer a high five and and a laugh along the way. We want One House Schoolroom to be a place to find the most honest product reviews, tips and advice for all areas of family life, and a smile of encouragement for the hard days.

Editor Since 10/18