4 Reasons Perlu Packs Are a MUST HAVE For Influencer Success

In many ways, influencers are just like brands – they’re promoting their product or interest, trying to gain an audience and even make some dolla’ dolla’ bills.

In other ways, influencers are different from brands. The most successful influencers have begun to value community over competition. They’re not about winning an audience at the expense of another influencer like brands; they’re about support, collaboration and joint success.

Example: you may love having clean teeth (at least let’s hope so). That doesn’t mean you’re going to buy every kind of toothpaste. You’re probably loyal to one brand like Crest or Colgate (or maybe you’re an Aquafresh person?).

But let’s say you love fashion. How many fashion influencers do you follow on social media? Are you loyal to just one? Two?

Nah. You probably follow at least a dozen fashion influencers, from your local nano-influencer to mega-celebrity-status-influencers.

That’s because if you love fashion, you’re probably obsessed. You’re going to try to get as much fashion inspiration, advice and recommendations as you can!

Which means you’re going to follow a lot of fashion influencers.

And those fashion influencers are likely friends with (or even collaborating with) other fashion influencers you follow. They’re not competing against each other – they’re helping each other out, promoting each other, and uplifting each other like minimalist fashion influencers Caroline Joy from Un-Fancy and Lee Vosburgh of Style Bee.

Each season, they collaborate on the 10×10 Challenge where they encourage their followers to wear only 10 items for 10 days. They also encourage participants to post their outfits, which helps them grow a following. The challenge was founded only a few years ago, but the #stylebee10x10 has been used over 12,000 times on Instagram and #10x10challenge has been used over 20,000 times!

In short, the early cut-throat days of influencer marketing are so early 2000s. Collaboration and community is in, and it benefits everyone.

That’s where Perlu Packs come in. Here are a few things Packs can help you do.

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1. Meet Influencers in Your Niche

You know community and collaboration is essential to a successful influencer career.

The next question is: how do you meet other influencers in your niche? You could send out DMs on social media, but the likelihood you’ll get a response is pretty slim. You could try emailing, but no one likes an overflowing inbox of “want to collab?” emails.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a platform made specifically for meeting other influencers? We’ve got good news: there is, and you’re on it right now!

When you join Perlu, you get to join and create Packs. Essentially, Packs are groups of influencers made by influencers who love the same things.

From Language Learning to African Travel, there are hundreds of Packs to join, and more are being made every day by other influencers. In short, a Pack is anything you want it to be! That’s right – on Perlu, influencers are in control. You get to organize your community in whatever way works best for you.

Joining Packs helps you find, meet and network other influencers in your niche. It’s the easiest way to start building a network of boss influencers.

network of influencers taking photo

2. Show the World You’re a Leader!

Why just join Packs when you can make your own?

To be a successful influencer, you must establish yourself as an expert in your niche – whatever your niche may be!

Think about it: when a brand looks for influencers on Perlu, who are they going to go to first? Pack owners! Want to get noticed by a brand? The best way to do that is to create a Pack on Perlu.

Creating your own Pack also shows other influencers and brands what you’re about. Most likely, there are influencers out there who are interested in the same thing. They were just waiting for someone like you to come along and get the ball rolling.

Sometimes, though, you may find that people don’t really know your “thing” exists. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go for it. In fact, showing people what you love (even if no one else seems to know about it) will help you stand out from the crowd. You just might become a trendsetter!

And believe us when we say there is nothing too odd for the influencer world.

Heck, Josh Hara amassed over 100K followers by drawing comics on cups.

instagram influencer yoyoha draws comics on cups

And Andrew Rea has a whole YouTube Channel where he tries to recreate food dishes from movies and TV shows.

Perlu members are even creating unique Packs like Female Twitch Streamers and Card and Board Game Reviewers!

There really is no limit to being an influencer, so take control of your influencer career and show other influencers what you love.

3. Collaborate Like a Pro

Having an influencer community is awesome. You can support each other, cheer each other on … but what if you could do even more than that?

What if you could make twice the amount of content for half the work? Or double your audience? Or both?

You can! By collaborating with your new influencer friends.

Through Perlu, you can send out Collabs to individual Packs where your ideal collaborators are.

You want to host a guest blog series about underrated travel destinations? Send out a Collab to US & Canada Travel Enthusiasts or Road Tripping.

Want to film a video about this year’s latest, greatest tech? Shoot a Collab over to the Tech Vlogs Pack.

gaming influencers playing video game

Or maybe you want to create some cool downloadable content for new bloggers? You can send that Collab to all your Packs.

No need to send awkward DMs or emails that get lost in inboxes. You’ve built a community on Perlu of people who already know the value of collaboration and are excited to work with you.

4. Bottom Line: Packs = Facebook Groups but Better

If you’ve ever tried to collaborate before, you understand how messy it can get without the right tools.

Influencers separate their Facebook groups into two classes:

  1. Their audience (like the Facebook group made by the fitness influencers from Tone it Up)
  2. Their influencer community (Facebook groups focused on certain niches such as “Foodie Bloggers”)

Facebook groups may be good for giving your audience the VIP treatment, but they aren’t very good for influencer-to-influencer collaboration. The group feed is cluttered with posts, comments are scattered and hard to look through, and there’s no way to post about a collaboration without having to sort through comments and likes for people who actually want to collaborate and have the domain authority and audience size you’re looking for.

Between sorting through all those direct messages and emails and organizing contacts into spreadsheets, it quickly becomes clear that Facebook groups were not made for influencer collaboration.

Packs, on the other hand, were made specifically with influencer-to-influencer collaboration in mind. Perlu takes all you love about Facebook groups and gets rid of everything you hate to create an all-in-one platform for influencers.

Joining Packs is like joining a Facebook group for a specific niche of influencers but 10X better. Once you’re in a Pack, you can start meeting and collaborating with other influencers for greater joint success all in the same place. Perlu Packs organize your contacts for you, so you don’t have to make a spreadsheet of your contacts with dozens of pages for each collaboration only for it to become outdated in a few weeks.

Send a Collab to a specific Pack or DM a specific influencer all on the same platform instead of waking up to an inbox full of emails from people you don’t even want to collaborate with!

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