Alcohol Brands That Live Up to the Buzz on Perlu

Fourth of July Weekend is here, and Perlu is back with another blog to make choosing the best drink to pour as easy as possible! These alcohol brands put the “happy” into “happy hour,” and they would make great additions to any barbeque. Not only can they spice up your holiday, but they are also seeking to join forces with the alcohol aficionados of Perlu! 

Ever since 1703, Mount Gay has been crafting quality rum in Barbados. The Caribbean nation is the birthplace of rum, and it is the very essence of Mount Gay’s identity. The product itself is made with the “finest hand-selected Barbadian and Caribbean sugarcane that is harvested and refined into a peak grade of molasses.” Dozens of Perlu partners have already successfully collaborated with this brand, and now it’s your turn! 

This “all-natural vodka is so clean, so pure, it could only be called Pristine.” Every last bottle is filled in Ukraine and then shipped to bars and liquor stores in Upstate New York. They use pure Carpathian mountain spring water to distill their refined spirits, and their fresh, golden wheat thrives in the fertile soil that the area has to offer. Think you have what it takes to be a Pristine partner? Be sure to visit their profile and give them a pitch! 

This brand has certainly mastered the art of mixed drinks. Elegant garnishes, magnificent mixers, splashes of color, and fresh fruit all unite to embody the Snake Oil Cocktail Company’s luxurious alcoholic beverages. These charming cocktails have made appearances at the Sundance Film Festival, Yankee Stadium’s opening day, and a TED Conference. A taste of any of these dazzling drinks would make anyone want to keep their bar tab open, so pitching this brand with your ideas is an absolute must! 

A mix of “British Sensibility and American Mischief” is what sets this alcohol label apart from the rest. According to their website, Vale Fox Distillery continuously “leverages five centuries of traditional distilling know-how, while fearlessly probing and pushing the envelope to enhance its customers’ drinking experience.” A couple of ways to enjoy this product are sipping it straight to “savor” the flavor and crafting tasty mixed drinks at home.

It’s time to “Reward yourself, responsibly.” WhistlePig was voted the World’s Best Whiskey in 2017, and it has been aging its rye in Vermont Oak barrels since 2007. The team works seven days a week to produce quality rye that can be enjoyed on the rocks, neat, or mixed. Hustle over to their Perlu page to see more of what they’re all about!

Willie’s Superbrew knows that a refreshing hard seltzer during a warm sunny day is certainly difficult to beat. Formulating a sparkling drink with real ingredients has always been their main focus, making them stand out on the shelf. Actual fruit is all that Willie’s uses to flavor its bubbly beverage, so “it has so much more flavor that it’s not even fair.” Summer fun with a side of carbonation can be yours for the taking, so be sure to pay their Perlu page a visit!


It’s time to engage with these brands, so visit their profiles and pitch your ideas!

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