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Spotlight: Female Musicians Who Are Influencers | January 2021

Perlu is the perfect place for creatives to thrive. These female musicians are ready to take the stage with a variety of brands and more.

The Key to Collaborating with Content Creators

A Perlu advisor shares his experience on the platform and how it has been a great business tool - not only for working with various brands, but also for collaborating with other content creators.

Perlu’s 2020 Stats in a Nutshell

In a year that has been challenging for everyone, influencer marketing is booming! Here are Perlu's 2020 stats to prove it.

Top 5 Things for Influencers to Focus on When Pitching Brands in 2021

This year has changed the landscape for influencer marketing. Here are the things for influencers to focus on when pitching brands in 2021.

This Influencer Scam Will Steal and Sell Your Facebook Page

Scammers are tempting influencers with money to run ads on their Facebook Pages. After they get access to the ad accounts, they steal ownership and sell the pages.

Influencers Give Thanks This Year

Over the years, we have worked with so many talented influencers, crafty creatives, exciting brands, and more. We wanted to extend a huge “thank you” to all of you. YOU make Perlu happen!  

Perlu CEO Andres Echenique Featured on SmartBrief

Perlu's very own CEO, Andre Echenique, was recently featured in an article on SmartBrief, discussing the trends in influencer marketing.

Spotlight: Culinary Creators Cooking Comfort Food | November 2020

Culinary creators on Perlu are gearing up to serve some delicious home-cooked inspiration to ensure that you’ll be ready for the first frost.

Spotlight: Health & Wellness Influencers | October 2020

Striving toward a healthy lifestyle can be tough, but these health and wellness influencers on Perlu are here to help encourage and inspire.

Spotlight: Home Decor Influencers | August 2020

These home decor influencers have a wide range of design expertise and could be a valuable asset for any decor brand looking for new audiences and partners!

Spotlight: Latin American Influencers | August 2020

Latin influencers are making a splash on Perlu! Check out these newest Latin creators and see what incredible content they are creating.

Spotlight: Pregnant Influencers | July 2020

Perlu’s mommas-to-be are sharing their journeys through their photos and stories, and these pregnant influencers are inspiring other expecting moms!

Spotlight: Fashionistas | July 2020

These Perlu fashionistas let their wardrobes do all the talking, and their followers are eager to see their next #OOTDs. Get inspired by their looks!

Alcohol Brands That Live Up to the Buzz on Perlu

Fourth of July Weekend is here, and Perlu is back with another blog to make choosing the best drink to pour as easy as possible! These alcohol brands put the “happy” into “happy hour,” and they would make great additions to any barbeque.

Spotlight: Make-Up Gurus | June 2020

The Perlu community is full of makeup gurus & skincare influencers! If you're looking for inspiration to improve your beauty routine, check out their looks.

Spotlight: Black Creators | June 2020

We here at Perlu would like to recognize some of the many black creators in our community who are making their mark on the social media universe.

Food Brands that are Hungry for Perlu Partners

The food industry is alive and well on social media, and many influencers are ready to take a bite. Thankfully, lots of food brands are members of the Perlu community, too!

Spotlight: Parenting Influencers | June 2020

Check out Perlu’s newest parenting influencers! From matching outfits to trendy home decor, these moms really know how to spice up life.

Spotlight: Outdoors Influencers | May 2020

With warmer weather finally here, it's time to start exploring the outdoors. So, go check out Perlu's newest outdoors influencers to get inspired!

Spotlight: Dogs of Instagram | May 2020

Not all influencers are human! Some of the greatest accounts belong to the dogs of Instagram that fill your feeds with cuteness.

Spotlight: Foodies | April 2020

There are lots of great food bloggers, vloggers, and Instagrammers out there. Check out these newest ones to join Perlu in April 2020.

Put the Influencer OGs Back into Your Influencer Marketing Strategy

Create an influencer marketing strategy that bridges the gap between you and your audience with the influencer OGs: bloggers.

5 Next-Level Influencer Marketing Campaign Ideas for Travel

Are your copy-and-paste campaigns losing their touch? Here are a few travel campaign ideas to wow your audience and maximize your ROI.

4 Next-Level Influencer Marketing Campaign Ideas for Beauty Brands

Are one-and-done beauty campaigns giving you lackluster results? Blow your audience away with these fresh, creative campaign ideas.

Why Micro Influencers Are the Future of Influencer Marketing

By now, you know 50 micro influencers are better than 1 celebrity, but managing that many campaigns can be difficult. Here's how to do it successfully.

Professional Instagram Accounts: Why Influencers Should Make the Switch

Take the leap and switch to a professional Instagram account – it’s a super easy way to establish yourself as a professional influencer!

5 Ways to Get Influencers AMPED to Work with Your Brand

Wondering how to do influencer marketing and get the best ROI? Just make sure influencers LOVE working with you! Here's how.

Influencer Marketing Platforms: Why Perlu Takes the Cake

Think there’s no such thing as the perfect influencer marketing platform that gives you everything you need in one place? Think again!

So You Want to be an Influencer? Here’s How to Choose Your Platform

Want to know how to become an influencer? Once you figure out your niche, it’s time to choose a platform! Here’s how to pick the right platform for you.

Advanced Engagement Strategies to Boost Shares, Discussions & Conversions

Are your current engagement strategies falling short? From livestreams to collaborations, here are some ways to take your engagement to the next level.

Using Perlu Packs to Build a Network of Boss Influencers

An influencer network is the key to collaboration, and collaboration is the key to influencer success! Here’s how Perlu Packs help you build that network.

Get Your Profile in Top Shape so Others Can’t WAIT to Collab with You

Other influencers look at your Perlu profile to see if you’re a good fit for their collaboration, so make them say “THIS is someone I want to work with!”

Starting a Crazy Awesome Travel Blog

You want to start a travel blog? Luckily, there are things you can do NOW to build an audience and put you on the path to becoming a killer travel blogger.

7 Things I Learned as an Influencer

Wondering how to be a really successful an influencer? We asked Perlu members so you can learn from those who have “been there, done that!”

How to Make Sure Your Contest Collaboration is FTC Compliant

Collaborating on a social media contest is a sure-fire way to 2X your reach. Here’s how to ensure both your audience and the FTC are on board.

How to Tell if a Collaboration Opportunity is Right for You

Ready to expand your reach? Find the perfect influencer collaboration for you by asking yourself (and your co-collaborator!) these 5 questions.

How Influencer Networking is a Game-Changer

Networking with other influencers is a powerful and effective way to grow your brand. Uncover 7 specific ways networking ups your influencer game.