Spotlight: Make-Up Gurus | June 2020

Are you ready to board the beauty train? Perlu’s newest makeup gurus and skincare influencers are just a click away! All of the best glitz, glam, and glitter is being delivered by these cosmetic connoisseurs. With all of this newfound time at our fingertips, now is this perfect opportunity to tap into their favorite beauty products and techniques! 

Anastasia gives a whole new meaning to the word glowing! Colors that pop and highlighters that shine continue to wow her audience. Winged eyeliner is one of her go-tos, and we love how literally she takes it; one of her most recent posts featured intricate butterfly eyeliner thoughtfully paired with bright pink and yellow lips. There’s no question that NYX Cosmetics and Pixi Beauty have found a radiant partner in Anastasia!

Austen posts all the best product recommendations ranging anywhere from Dr. Brandt’s Pore Refiner Primer to Kevyn Aucoin’s Foundation Balm. This celebrity makeup artist also works with brands to promote men’s grooming pursuits. In a recent throwback post, Austen highlighted the work that he did with Adore Cosmetic’s 24 Karrot Gold Mask. His work shined brilliantly; there’s no question that this ad was golden. When he’s not busy constructing his beauty plans, you can catch him mixing some fresh summer cocktails.

Makeup and beauty is a way of life for this Perlu member! As the creator of her own company, Hidden Jewel Cosmetics, Micaylah specializes in both nail products and cosmetics that brighten up all types of looks. Through her vlogs and Instagram pictures, she showcases her bold eye shadow applications and skincare secrets. Pops of purple, orange, rose, and more make appearances in this beauty influencer’s palettes. Revlon and Wet n Wild Beauty are just some of the many brands that Micaylah swears by. 

This beauty buff is certainly ready for her closeup! Smoldering smokey eyes and brilliant bling are just a small part of Megan’s cosmetic routine. Coupled with colorful accents and perfectly blended foundation, this master of makeup curates enchanting looks that captivate. Nasty Gal, Huda Beauty, and Fenty Beauty have all earned a coveted spot on her makeup shelf.

To Alexandra, lips make great canvases – and we couldn’t agree more! She has transformed her Instagram into a gallery for her art; daisies, rainbows, and Van Gogh’s Starry Night have all made an appearance in her thoughtfully-curated exhibition. She even took her lipstick ventures to infinity and beyond with her Buzz Lightyear-themed piece. Brands like Maybelline and Sigma Beauty are lining up out the door to work with this Matisse of makeup!

Are your skincare and makeup routines ready for a glow-up? This doctor has got you covered! When it comes to both medical and beauty emergencies, Dr. Mary always has the perfect medicine. Murad and Morphe Brushes are some of her treatments of choice! Want to collab with the MD of makeup? Make sure to add her to your Packs!

These Make-Up Gurus Are Ready to Collab!

While makeup may be the medium of choice for these creatives, we here Perlu encourage influencers of all niches to connect with them. Travel experts could bring a global perspective to the table, musicians could inspire new looks with their tunes, and bookworms could use their literary prowess to suggest character cosplay. But it doesn’t just stop there. In fact, the list of opportunities is never-ending! With a vast network of members at your fingertips, there’s a world of possibilities to be had with Perlu.


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