Spotlight: Health & Wellness Influencers | October 2020

Striving toward a healthy lifestyle can be tough, but these health and wellness influencers on Perlu are here to help encourage and inspire. Whether it’s through a vegan recipe or a new workout, these influencers have the potential to impact your choices for the better. With their fitness routines, mindful living, and creative diets, they will have you cutting your “Quarantine 15” in no time. They also make for great collaborators, so be sure to interact with their Perlu profiles!

Self-care is Laura’s middle name. Through mastering a mindful and plant-based lifestyle, she has been able to share her well-being tips and tricks with her followers. Meditation tips, healthy recipes, and much more await visitors when they click on her profile, so be sure to pay her page a visit!

Delicious treats don’t have to come with a side of regret. In fact, Hayley Focsan is serving up plant-powered baked goods that can satisfy both your taste buds and nutritional needs! Sweet potatoes make a subtle cameo in her fudgy brownie recipe, and her baked oat cups can please even the most stubborn of sweet tooths. Hayley’s kitchen door is wide open for new Perlu Partners, so make sure to add her to your Packs!

Lacing up to run marathons and coaching other athletes is just a day in the life for Audrey. In order to prepare for her frequent dashes throughout Knoxville, proper training and nutrition is a must. Jumping rope, stretching, suiting up in Nike apparel, and drinking Bowmar Nutrition’s protein shakes are all some ways that Audrey keeps up her A-Game. Interested in networking with this memorable marathoner? Collaborating with Audrey could help all kinds of projects to go for miles!

It’s no secret that at-home workouts have been all the rage, and this fitness expert has helped to fill this demand! Cj’s online training sessions will leave you motivated enough to strive for a six-pack! Whether it’s leg day or arm day, be sure to check out this fitness connoisseur’s content for the best workout inspo.



After hearing about these amazing health nuts, we’re sure you’re dying to collaborate with them. Thankfully, Perlu makes it easy to create connections and team up with all kinds of content creators. Be sure to check out their profiles and add them to your Packs!

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