The Key to Collaborating with Content Creators

By Nathan Sado

Perlu has been a great business tool – not only for working with various brands, but also for collaborating with other content creators. The platform works by giving you detailed information about each campaign and collaboration. Different niche packs are set up to make it easy to find specific groups of content creators that you either want to work with or target for a collaboration. It also makes it easier for brands to find those that they would like to work with. 

collaborating on Perlu

Connect with Brands

For both myself and some clients of mine, I have used Perlu to connect with multiple brands to take part in paid social media campaigns. One of the best aspects of connecting with brands and working on campaigns is that much of the information on the brands and other influencers is directly on the platform. You see who people are, what they are doing, and what their reach and goals are. When time is money, Perlu helps to save a ton. 

Collaborate with Content Creators

Another big way I use Perlu is to collaborate with other content creators. I have created multiple “Write an Article” Collabs and have been able to gain some quality content for the multiple websites I run. In fact, one of my new websites, All About Glamping, has really benefited from Perlu. Through Perlu, I have found multiple writers to create content for the website. Also, I have completed a multitude of link exchanges with other websites and blogs that have enabled the new site to gain some extra domain authority at a quicker pace than normal. Perlu has made it possible for me to monetize faster than any other site I have started, which has been a blessing during the global pandemic when many other avenues of the industry have dried up. 

I look forward to continuing to use Perlu to continue to boost my business and create long-lasting connections along the way. There is a range of creators and brands on the platform, and once you get the hang of both creating and searching for specific Collabs, it can be a huge business tool. For those looking to monetize their business and get that extra boost, Perlu is the place for you! 

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