Spotlight: Foodies | April 2020

With many people around the world currently stuck at home, more people are finding themselves trying out new recipes in the kitchen. Now you’re in for a treat! These new members who’ve recently joined Perlu are all about food. From vegan snacks and gluten-free options to paleo dinners and tasty desserts, check out these influencers & get inspired to create something of your own.

Got a sweet tooth on a gluten-free diet? Jill is here to the rescue! She is constantly sharing recipes of delicious treats that are both vegan and gluten-free. Banana pancakes? Check. Blueberry sweet rolls? Heck yes. Looking for something more savory? There’s even a maple cauliflower power bowl. Yum! See what she’s creating next from brands like Banza, Green Giant, and Pillsbury.

Yalla! Let’s eat! That’s an Arabic twist on “Come on, let’s eat!” And that’s exactly what Zena is showcasing to the Instagram world. Her pasta shells with garlic cashew cream sauce will have you salivating in no time. Or maybe the homemade tostones are more your style. Whatever it is, you can’t go wrong. But don’t worry, with recipes featuring brands like Califia Farms, King Arthur Flour, and Sabra, the food is healthier than you’d think!

If you’re still sticking to your healthy New Year’s resolutions, you have to check out Carmen’s recipes! Her dishes are keto, paleo, and whole30 friendly – and full of deliciousness. You’ll find recipes such as chicken and cauliflower rice soup, butternut squash with tahini lemon sauce, and even coconut raisin cookies!

Kevin is proof that guys can be great cooks too! In his little NYC kitchen, he focuses more on bold flavors and cooking techniques with a goal of teaching people the fundamentals of cooking. You never know what he’s going to post next – salted chocolate-covered oranges, a lamb burger topped with gruyere and truffle aioli, or Polish pierogis with homemade sauerkraut. But one thing you can count on? It all looks delicious!

Samantha is an aspiring actress in Hollywood sharing her love of food and a healthy lifestyle on her Instagram. From breakfast sandwiches to Taco Tuesday, her feed will make your stomach rumble! She’s featured recipes and snacks from brands such as Clif Bar, Godiva, and Whole Foods.

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