Colossal Influence on Avoiding Mismanagement in a Crisis

When a crisis like COVID-19 puts your revenue in jeopardy any new opportunity can look promising. But don’t let your guard (or your standards) down. How do you know if a new partnership will be a good match in a time of adversity?

CHOMPS on People-First Influencer Marketing

Ah, quarantine. If you’re anything like us, that means you’re snacking all day, every day (the kitchen is right there), and trying to find new ways to stay healthy. Why not hit two birds with one stone? That’s where CHOMPS comes in.

CJ Affiliate on the Influential Power of Affiliate Marketing

CJ Affiliate knows that affiliate marketing has the power to influence and educate a consumer during their purchase journey, increase engagement, and drive sales.

Jenn Leedy: Proof Influencer Marketing REALLY Works From A Consumer’s POV

We’ve talked a lot on this podcast with brands, influencers and agencies about influencer marketing success strategies. Now consumer Jenn Leedy shares what she believes makes her favorite influencers so successful in turning consumers into

Small Girls PR on Relationships over Transactions in Influencer Marketing

How do you navigate paying your influencers? Check out this mini-episode to learn more about why it isn’t an exact science and how a strong relationship with an influencer can save your brand or agency money.

CLEVER on What is Appropriate in Influencer Marketing in the Age of COVID-19

These are unprecedented times. It's important for marketing campaigns to be tasteful and appropriate. The CLEVER influencer marketing agency breaks down the do’s and don'ts of influencer marketing during the COVID-19.

Amy Verhey of Tillamook Marketing on Engaging Food & Beverage Influencers

Cheese. Ice cream. Chocolate. Starbucks. Hear from Amy Verhey, senior Tillamook marketing manager, about her experiences with food and beverage influencers and her most effective marketing strategies.

Bruce Downes of Willie’s Superbrew on Brand Ambassadors as Influencers

What exactly is the difference between a brand ambassador and an influencer? According to Bruce Downes of Willie’s Superbrew, there shouldn’t be any difference at all if you have the right vetting process.

Casey Smith of Kroger Marketing: Harnessing TikTok for Influencer Marketing

Casey Smith of Kroger Marketing breaks down how her social media and influencer teams were the first to harness the power of the latest popular social platform, TikTok, for influencer marketing campaigns.

Ashley Ha of Sephora on Fashion & Beauty Influencer Marketing Programs

Ashley Ha is no stranger to the power of fashion & beauty influencers, often filling a virtual shopping cart after hearing a glowing product review from a trusted source. Hear about her experience on the Sephora marketing team.

Elizabeth Walker of Blavity on Diversity in Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Elizabeth Walker of Blavity and Citizen Relations shows how easy incorporating diversity in influencer marketing campaigns truly is and reminds us of the importance of strong organizational skills needed to achieve success.

Bette Ann Schlossberg of Lyft Marketing on Utilizing Influencers for Social Impact Campaigns

We sat down with Lyft’s director of influencer marketing, Bette Ann Schlossberg, to learn how she incorporates authentic and passionate influencers of every audience size into these meaningful campaigns.

Maria Rendina of SheFit: Working with Influencers Already Devoted to Your Brand

Maria Rendina, influencer marketing coordinator at SheFit, explains how she focuses the niche sports apparel startup's energies on influencers who align with SheFit’s mission and already have a passion for the product.

Kodiak Cakes on Influencer Engagement Metrics and Reinforcing Relationships

Kodiak Cakes Influencer Marketing Coordinator explains how they navigate pain points with influencer engagement metrics and cultivate influencer relationships.

Clare Brown of IDG on B2B versus B2C Influencer Marketing

Clare Brown Meneely of IDG shares her findings on the difference between working with B2B versus B2C influencers.

Randall Chinchilla of Coty Marketing on Earned Media and Influencers

Randall Chinchilla is the VP of influencer marketing at Coty, which owns brands such as Covergirl, Adidas, OPI and Wella Professionals. Hear his thoughts about how influencer marketing has evolved and how he measures intangibles.

Cassidy Stockton of Bob’s Red Mill on Timely Campaigns and Lasting Partnerships

Fifteen years ago, Cassidy Stockton began her career at Bob’s Red Mill in customer service. Since then, she’s worked her way up into the influencer marketing world. Now she runs the influencer marketing program at Bob’s Red Mill.

Cody Beavers of Sixt on a Brand’s International Expansion using Influencer Marketing

Expanding your brand overseas comes with mixed emotions. It’s exhilarating – congratulations on the growth! – but it also can lead to a lot of new challenges in marketing. How do you know the best way to reach your new audience?

Justyna Torres of 360i on Fashion & Beauty Influencer Partnerships

We sat down with Justyna Torres to hear about the strategies she uses to lead successful campaigns at a viral scale while leveraging real, authentic influencer relationships such as the #DSWStyleSquad.

Kibbee Miller of Converse on What Big Brands Look for in Influencers

A passion for fashion and footwear drove Kibbee Miller to Converse. Now a member of their global social media team, Kibbee works closely with influencers of all scales every day on multiple active campaigns.

Andrew Schwalb of Edelman on Working With Celebrities AND MicroInfluencers

Edelman’s U.S. Vice President of Influencer Relations and Business Affairs Andrew Schwalb has seen the benefits and challenges of working with celebrities and micro influencers over the course of his career and is ready to share his wisdom.

Smoke Shack Jerky on the Benefits of Influencer Marketing for Start-Ups

JB, founder of the all-natural jerky and snack company Smoke Shack Jerky, dives into the benefits of using Perlu to collaborate with influencers.

Dave Peck of RingCentral on Executing Foolproof Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Hear Dave Peck’s wild story of getting into the influencer marketing business and his take on how to ensure a campaign’s success.

The Perlu Podcast: Influencer Marketing Reimagined – Season 1 Recap

From FCB’s Nicole Emerick to Home Chef’s Lauren Schultz, hear from some of the best and brightest in the influencer marketing world.

Samara Finn Holland of Kaplow on Storytelling in Influencer Marketing

Hear from Samara Finn Holland of Kaplow on building relationships with influencers for authentic, story-driven influencer marketing.

Car Mechanic Turned Agency Founder Tom Potts on Using Influencers to Drive Results

Hear from Tom Potts, owner of MML Consulting on why he decided to be his own boss and how to use influencer marketing for REAL results.

Lauren Schultz of Home Chef on Scalable, Authentic Influencer Marketing

Hear from Lauren Schultz, senior manager of influencer marketing at Home Chef and how she scales her influencer marketing campaigns.

Nicole Emerick of FCB Chicago on Influencer Marketing and Creative Freedom

Hear from Nicole Emerick, the banker-turned-blogger of FCB Chicago on how to make your influencer marketing strategy a little more human.

Ketchum’s Jenny Heinrich on Breaking into Influencer Marketing

Hear from Jenny Heinrich of the Influencer Marketing Association and SVP at Ketchum, about how brands can break into the influencer marketing game.

Dennis Littley on Brand Collaborations and Going Above and Beyond

Perlu sat down with chef and travel influencer Dennis Littley to find out just why he is LOVED by every brand he collaborates with.

Travel Influencer Courtney Brandt of A to Za’atar Talks Fine Dining and The Expat Life

We sat down with Courtney Brandt, an American expat, to learn how she makes a living as a food and travel blogger. (Hint: it’s all about consistency!)

Jen Ruiz from Jen on a Jet Plane Talks SEO and South of France

Perlu sat down with travel influencer Jen Ruiz to hear how she went from lawyer to full-time solo female travel blogger with some hard work and SEO

The Importance of Influencer Collaboration with Kavita Favelle from Kavey Eats

Perlu sat down with foodie and travel influencer Kavita Favelle to learn about influencer collaboration and how she juggles her blog and a dozen other gigs.

Influencer Networking Tips with Megan Jerrard of Mapping Megan

The Perlu team sat down with travel influencer Megan Jerrard to learn about how influencer networking led to her popular status.

The Ultimate Guide to Video Collaboration

Video collaboration is a top growth opportunity for any influencer. Learn how you can make your next joint video a huge success.

40 Jaw-Dropping Influencer Marketing Statistics

Know the numbers and trends to help shape your marketing and growth strategy. Here is a list of 40 influencer marketing statistics to get you going.

Collaboration Tips & Tricks with Alicia Trautwein of The Mom Kind

The Perlu team sat down with Alicia Trautwein and picked her brain on all things influencer collaboration. Learn how she builds her community.

Influencer Collaboration and Brand-Building Tips with Jessica Festa of Jessie on a Journey

Meet Jessica Festa—professional blogger, magazine writer and editor, consultant, media network founder, Perlu Advisory Board member, and more.

8 Avoidable Mistakes Influencers Make When Just Starting Out

Avoid these very common influencer mistakes in order to achieve success easier and faster (and without the bumps and bruises...).

Top 5 Influencer Marketing Trends and How to Crush It in 2019

Brands are investing more than ever into influencer marketing. Learn 5 influencer marketing trends to help you build your brand in 2019 and beyond.

Using Perlu Collaborations to Drive EXPLOSIVE Audience Growth

Are you an influencer and want grow your audience big-time? Read on to discover how more ambitious collaboration may be your ticket to 10X results.

Using Perlu Packs to Uncover Cool Content Collaboration Opportunities Right Now

The opportunity for influencers to connect with brands is exponential, but you need great content. Use Perlu Packs for content everyone will love.

7 Influencer Strategies to Create Ridiculously Awesome Content

It’s hard creating ridiculously awesome content, and doing consistently. Learn 7 influencer strategies for creating magical content again and again.

Why Collaborating with Other Influencers is a Win-Win Strategy

See how many of the most popular and successful influencers online look to collaboration with other influencers to help fuel their audience reach and growth.

Influencer 101: How to Become an Influencer and Find Your Niche

Want to become an influencer? Discover the most effective ways to find your niche, develop content, and start growing your audience today.