Why Collaborating with Other Influencers is a Win-Win Strategy

Imagine yourself checking out YouTube videos one day, and you come across Dianna Cowern. She’s kinda nerdy. She’s kinda crazy. She’s kinda like nothing you’ve seen before.

You start clicking on Dianna’s videos, and you learn why Band-Aids produce a blue glow when you open the wrapper in the dark. She then romances you about paramagnetism, which is the reason why liquid oxygen is magnetic in nature – something she proves by pouring it into a magnetic field in her video. You then watch her build an acoustic levitator, as she gets random things to float in air (Mind…blown!).

The Physics Girl

You see, Dianna is “Physics Girl.” She really loves physics. But coming out of MIT, she didn’t know what to do with her life. So, she started a YouTube channel exploring mind-bending physics puzzles surrounding our everyday lives. Because…, of course she did.

Think physics is so esoteric that it could never produce a big audience? Think that most people don’t care about the velocity of a Mantis Shrimp punch (it’s so fast, you need a camera at 20,000 frames per second to catch it on film)? Well, then, you’d be wrong, as 280,000 folks watched that video alone.

Dianna has over one million subscribers to her YouTube channel, with 5.42 million views for her last 10 videos at the time of this writing. Pretty sweet, right?

But, she didn’t do it alone.

What Do You Get When You Mix Mantis Shrimp with Hair-Cutting Drones?

Among her videos, she teamed up with Simone Giertz, queen of crappy robots (really!), for a series of videos. OK, so we’re talking the physics of shrimp punches and robots that don’t work. To give you a better sense of what we’re dealing with here, some of Simone’s robots include a haircutting drone, a machine that blows your nose for you, and a cereal preparation robot that spills the milk all over the table… Sounds like prime-time TV might have to wait, right?

Well…the two masters of the quirky comedy universe generated more than 1.36 million video views through their collaboration. Not too shabby!

And as for prime-time TV, check out Simone’s appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert:

If you then check out Simone’s YouTube channel (1.33 million subscribers), you see that she in turn has posted a video of a collaboration with Dianna, generating 435,000 views. Beyond that, she has also collaborated with Adam Savage, the former co-host of the Discovery Channel television series MythBusters and Unchained Reaction. Adam is a star influencer in his own right, with more than 1.34 million Twitter followers. So, anywho, Simone brings Adam onto her YouTube channel, they crank out a video, and voila, it produces more than 429,000 views. Simone and Adam then create a joint video on Tested, and it gets 1.5 million views.

You get the picture, right?

Doing it alone is cool. Doing it with other influencers is even cooler. When you create a piece of content alone, you of course share it with your audience. When you partner with other influencers, though, you both promote the content and you do so to a much larger, combined audience. For half the work, you get 2X the reach. It’s a formula for you to get your content or art in front of more people, faster, and easier, and more so, it’s a way for you to attract a whole new set of fans. (Plus, you get to collaborate with some creatively awesome individuals!)

Liza’s About to Kill a Sick Cat (Who’s Not Sick)

Once you’re done watching Simone and Adam in YouTube, you can’t help but notice Liza Koshy there, as well. Liza is an actress and YouTube comedian. You watch her first episode of Liza on Demand on YouTube, and you almost witness her kill a cat as a TaskRabbit request, but then wind up saving it (mostly due to incompetence…) when it’s finally revealed that the cat belonged to the person’s roommate, who was being driven crazy by the cat. How’d her first episode of Liza on Demand go? Oh, only 11 million views…

Surely, someone with that much clout doesn’t need to collaborate with others, right?

Well, actually, Liza is a power collaborator, as well. You can see her on Chachi Gonzales’s YouTube channel as Chachi teaches her to dance. The video was watched more than 4.27 million times.

Or, you can see her on her friend Kristen McAtee’s YouTube channel, as they engage in a coffee drinking trivia competition. The video has been watched over 2.2 million times. Or, you can watch them making ugly sweaters together (3.1 million views) or taking a pizza challenge (3.4 million views).

You can also catch Liza doing yoga with Joey Graceffa (2.9 million views), or watching old Vines with Gabbie Hanna (21 million views).

Liza is such a good collaborator, that even when she broke up with her boyfriend, David Dobrik, they filmed themselves explaining the breakup to their fans and wound up with a video that’s been watched over 40 million times.

Spoiler alert! They break up.

When you’re so committed to collaboration that you’re filming your breakup in front of 40 million people, you know you’re committed. Well, to collaboration that is. Not to the relationship apparently…

What have all of these influencer partnerships helped her to achieve? Try over 15.6 million YouTube subscribers, 17.1 million Instagram followers, and close to 2.2 million Twitter followers. Yowza!

Collaborating Across All Platforms

Although the stories shared above mainly center on YouTube, the benefits of collaborating with other influencers are just as applicable on any social platform. Take Dennis Prescott, for example. Well, we recommend that anyone on a diet actually look the other way for a minute, because Dennis’ cooking is on fire! You may gain 10 pounds just by merely looking at his Instagram feed.

Five years ago, Dennis Prescott was a musician who didn’t know how to cook. He met some Jamie Oliver cookbooks, and the next thing you know, Dennis was a passionate chef, photographer, and author with 447,000 Instagram followers. His ability to style food photography is other worldly.

Regardless of platform or area of interest, collaboration still plays a central role in success. He recently, for example, partnered with food star Gaby Dalkin on a four-city tour, where they meet with other chefs, bartenders, and social media artists for grilling classes, dividing the audience into Team Appetizers, Main Course Mavens, Dessert Divas, and Queens of the Cocktail.

And on a much larger scale, Dennis has traveled around the world advocating for food sustainability. He’s part of a United Nations World Food Program team that created the Chefs’ Manifesto, which is an action plan by a community of chefs to help shape a more sustainable food system.

Influencer Partnerships: A Win-Win-Win

The more you collaborate, the more successful you become. You win. Your collaborator wins. Your audiences win. It’s not only a win-win, it’s a win-win-win.

As mentioned, when you partner with other influencers, you not only get the opportunity to team up with some ridiculously awesome people, you get to learn from them, as well. By promoting your work to both of your communities, both of you can easily expand your audiences. For half the work, you get 2X the reach. Collaboration is really where it’s at.

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