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6 Ways to Navigate Influencer Marketing During a Crisis

During a crisis, you don’t want your brand to disappear, but you also don’t want to appear tone deaf. Here’s how to find the balance.

Spotlight | March 2020

So many interesting new members joined in March! Our selections this month provide a little something for everyone. Enjoy meeting these new Perlu members with a variety of specialties.

Get Proof: How to Detect Fake Influencers

The more influencer marketing grows, the more fake influencers pop up. Here’s how to figure out who’s worth collaborating with...and who’s not.

4 Next-Level Influencer Marketing Campaign Ideas for Fashion Brands

Creating a fashion campaign that’s different and unique can be hard. Here are some innovative campaign ideas to get you started!

How Brands Can Use the “Authenticity Crisis” to Their Advantage

Fewer and fewer people trust influencers. Take advantage of this authenticity crisis by partnering with the experts: Perlu influencers!

Influencer Marketing is Broken. Here’s How to Fix It.

Not getting the results you want from influencer marketing? Here are some simple fixes to improve your strategy and amplify your ROI.

5 Ways Perlu Makes Influencer Marketing 5X Easier for Brands

Not every influencer marketing platform is the same. Here’s how Perlu helps brands collaborate on campaigns with only the best influencers.

4 Reasons Perlu Packs Are a MUST HAVE For Influencer Success

What if you could meet other influencers and collaborate with them for greater success on a single platform? You can, with Perlu Packs!

Join the Ranks of Fashion Influencers Taking Over Instagram

Instagram fashion influencers are taking the platform by storm. Here are 6 different methods you can use to break into the industry.

How to Become a Travel Instagram Influencer: 7 Secrets for Success

See how to start a Travel Instagram blog to take your love of travel to the next level while making money as a travel influencer!

7 Travel Influencers Who are Doing Collaborations Right

We reached out to travel influencers who are seeing real results from their collaborations so YOU can grow your network and expand your audience, too!

How to Stand Out as an Influencer in a Crowded Niche

With thousands of influencers out there, it’s easy to feel like you’re lost in the crowd. Here’s how to stand out in your niche, no matter how crowded.

Courses, EBooks, and Templates: The Ultimate Guide to Downloadable Content Collaboration

A content collaboration helps you engage your community while upping your influencer game. Here are some tips to make it go smoothly from start to finish!

Let’s Make Some $$$! Achieving More with Influencer Marketing

Individuals put more faith in real people, and this is why influencer marketing is so powerful. Uncover 13 ways for you to earn more money as an influencer.