Spotlight: Fashionistas | July 2020

Rachel Zoe once said, “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” There is no doubt that these Perlu fashionistas let their wardrobes do a lot of the talking. Whether it’s a striped blouse or a polka dot dress, their ensembles never fail to please. Lace up your boots, it’s time to walk the runway! 

Dressing up never looked this marvelous! This stylish influencer’s closet includes brands like Chloé and Pretty Little Thing. Stunning snakeskin and lavish leopard prints come together throughout Lucy’s Instagram feed to create a thoughtfully designed fashion show. Whether it’s rompers, jackets, or jeans that you’re looking for, Lucy has got the garment for you! 

Since she was a child, Amanda Finesse has loved fashion. As a young girl, she would craft homemade outfits for her Barbies and hold her own pretend fashion shows. Now, Amanda’s life consists of being both a personal shopper and a professional fashion slayer. Piecing together ensembles such as an intricate handwoven Greenpacha hat with a sleek Fashion Nova blazer is her specialty. She even has her own basketball purse complete with a golden chain and belt buckle to match. Truly, Amanda has a lot of fashion knowledge to share with everyone, so be sure to visit her profile!  

Zoey’s fashionista lifestyle sails from Iceland to the Bahamas. Classic picks such as her mom’s vintage jeans and a white dress for a beach day allow her to live life stylishly. She proves that a  tiger-print one-piece is perfect for lounging by the pool in Palm Beach. Her mirror selfies call for pieces like a Madewell scarf top, Luv Aj hoop earrings, and Free People shorts. 

According to Christi, her quarantine look isn’t complete without a Steven Van Eden wedding dress! While she absolutely slays all things bridal, she also loves a good high-waisted two-piece. This artsy NYC dweller loves to pose in front of murals, foliage, and beaches. When she’s not strutting her stuff on the catwalk, you can catch her perfecting her skincare routine with brands like SKOON. Skincare.  

This former Love Island contestant has fashionably made her way into the world of Perlu! Smizing, or smiling with your eyes, is this runway-ready woman’s way of posing for the camera. From a brilliant Revolve dress that shines like silver, to a classic denim jacket from Fashion Nova, this couture connoisseur continues to tailor both her wardrobe and posts to perfection. 

Ketlen makes her mark on the Instagram world through her superior insight toward beauty and fashion. On any given day, you can see her suiting up in brands like SHEIN and Three Bird Nest. For Ketlen, camera-ready outfits are required for almost every occasion. She enjoys posing in flower fields, avenues, and from the comfort of her own home. Ready to see everything from sun hats to workout attire? Visit Ketlen’s Instagram to find out her wardrobe secrets!

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