Using Perlu Packs to Build a Network of Boss Influencers

If you’ve kept an eye on the influencer world, you’ve probably noticed a rising trend: influencer-to-influencer collaboration.

Between simple shoutouts and extravagant video collabs, collaboration is taking the influencer world by storm.

It can seem counterintuitive – why promote another influencer? Isn’t that like fraternizing with the enemy? Aren’t other influencers your competitors?

Luckily, the idea that you need to outsmart other influencers has lost steam.

In fact, the best influencers know collaboration is the key to influencer success and do everything they can to collaborate with as many influencers as possible!

The result? More content for half the work, bigger audiences, more backlinks, money…

…and a group of friends who understand the journey you’re on and are ready to help you succeed.

group of social media influencers

The problem, however, is it can be hard to find people to collaborate with. Facebook groups are overcrowded and hard to find. Direct messaging influencers can feel spammy. And keeping track of emails and contacts can be downright overwhelming.

So, instead of sifting through overcrowded, too-broad Facebook groups or sliding into DMs to pitch a collaboration, why not join a Perlu Pack instead?

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What Are Packs, You Ask?

Packs are groups of influencers who are all interested in a certain niche. Think Facebook groups but better – more niche-specific, more interactive, and built specifically for influencers.

Each Pack is created by an influencer like you such as this Canada Travel Pack created by Perlu member and travel influencer Khoi Nguyen.

Perlu Canada Travel Influencer Pack

Not only does each Pack connect you with other members, but they also show you what kinds of collaborations are happening and how big the combined reach of the Pack is across all social networks.

Scroll down, and you’ll also find a list of the Pack’s top members as well as highlights from members’ blogs.

Canada Travel Influencer Pack members and contet

Why is all this important? Well, think about it: collaborating is the best way to expand your reach, gain followers, and even make money as an influencer. And what do you need to collaborate? A ridiculously awesome influencer network of boss influencers!

And that’s exactly what Perlu Packs can give you.

Getting Started with Perlu Packs

Join Packs

As you start searching through Packs, you’ll discover something: there are a ton of Packs in every category. The Travel category alone has dozens of Packs to choose from such as South East Asia Travel, Travel Products, Inexpensive Travel, Food and Travel and more, like the ones below!

Travel Influencer Perlu Packs

There are nearly 30 categories from Food and Drink to News and Politics, each filled with dozens of Packs. For example, the Style and Fashion category has everything from Organic Beauty to Men’s Business Wear. And Family and Relationships has Packs such as Adoption Blogs and Dating Blogs.

And these Packs barely skim the surface!

Our advice? Join all the Packs that align with your interests. The more Packs you’re part of, the bigger your influencer network and the more collaboration opportunities you’ll get – and the more people you’ll be able to send your Collabs to!

Pro Tip: make sure your Perlu profile is completed before trying to join Packs. Pack owners often check out the profiles of potential members. If your profile is empty, they have no idea if you’re a good match for their Pack and they might decline your request.

Make Your Own!

There are a lot of Packs on Perlu, but who says there can’t be more? In fact, the more the merrier!

Maybe you want a hyper-specific Pack for influencers in your state or country? Or a Sustainable Vegan Foodie/Fashion/Beauty Vlogger Pack? Or an Extreme Dog Grooming Pack for people who like to groom their dogs to look like flamingos?

dog in tub with shower cap and rubber duck

Whatever your passion – however niche or out-of-this-world it is – there’s probably other influencers out there who love the same thing. So head over to the Packs page, create a Pack of your own and start building your influencer network!

Engage on and off Perlu

As you join and create Packs, you’ll want to start getting to know people. But you can’t do that by staring at your Pack’s members list. So start clicking – and messaging!

That’s another cool thing about Perlu – instead of mixing in your influencer messages with messages from friends or family on Facebook Messenger or Instagram and Twitter DMs, all your influencer messages are in one space, on one platform.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t engage off Perlu, though. Perlu is all about helping you form lasting friendships with the influencers you meet, so that means taking engagement to the next level.

So as you explore your Packs, click the social icons in the profiles that interest you and head over to their blog, YouTube channel, or social account. Check out their content, then give them a follow and leave a comment.

group of influencers with arms around each other

Then, when you send that first message on Perlu, you’ll be able to do more than just introduce yourself – you’ll be able to start a real conversation.

How much more excited will they be when, instead of just a “Hello, do you want to collaborate?” they see “Hey! I saw your recent post on traveling to Bali, and I loved it. I would love to hear more about what you do and how we might be able to collaborate!”

BOOM. Now you have a connection that could lead not only to dozens of collaborations but to a true friendship, too.

Do this again and again and again and soon you’ll have an expansive influencer network of boss influencers (and friends) you can learn from, get support and encouragement from, and collaborate with.

No one understands the influencer life like other influencers, so it’s important to have a solid influencer network.

Travel Influencer Lauren Monitz

Perlu members use the platform in all sorts of awesome ways, from meeting up with influencers in real life to collaborating with influencers on the other side of the world.

Lauren Monitz, our USA Travel Advisor and influencer behind The Down Lo, has been extra creative with Perlu.

“As someone who runs influencer campaigns for clients, Perlu has become an invaluable tool to organize my contacts,” she says. “I can easily search influencers by demographic region or niche to know who to reach out for specific targeting needs. As an influencer, it’s a great place to network with others in my industry and share mutually beneficial opportunities.”

Join Perlu And Let the Influencers Come to You!