Spotlight: Latin American Influencers | August 2020

Latin American influencers have made quite the splash on Perlu! That’s right, the community here represents creators and brands from around the world. Thanks to Perlu’s Latin American Travel Advisor, Nicolas Ierino, hundreds of influencers from South America have found a new home on Perlu. Coming from countries including Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Venezuela, and more, these Latin American globetrotters are dedicated to showing their audiences the world, one post at a time!  Are you up for an adventurous Collab? Check out these Perlu nomads!

Cristina has been to the Great Wall of China, Demark, and much more. While abroad, she spends some of her time volunteering at animal rescue centers, NGOs, and more through Worldpackers. She continues to find ways to both affordably see the world while giving back. Interested in partnering with Cristina? Add her to one of your Packs!

Through his posts, Guido proves that having a camera on hand and an adventurous spirit is a key to traveling the right way. This traveling photographer spends his time capturing the sidestreets of Stockholm, charming beachside motels in Australia, and thunderstorms over the Sahara Desert. While working with brands like GoPro and National Geographic, Guido has been able to see the world through his camera lens.   

Carla & Edu are outdoor adventurers that strive to travel sustainably. They believe that tourism opens up the opportunity for “awareness, learning, and respect for people, animals and the environment.” Through teaming up with their friends at Ruta Safari, Carla & Edu work to leave their carbon footprints at home. 

Lara and Pablo are taking the world by storm, one city at a time. This traveling duo spends their days bouncing from country to country to share their favorite tips with their followers. For instance, they found that renting a car in Edinburg isn’t necessary because most destinations can be reached on foot. Tune in to Aqui De Paso for more travel tips!

Ana and Robert love to tell the tales of their adventures while weaving the history of their destinations into their posts. While in the Gardens of Generalife (Alhambra), they explained how the city was once conquered by Catholic Monarchs and then remodeled with new orchards and buildings. They also visited the oldest Arab baths in Spain (dating back to the 11th century) and the Fisherman’s Bastion in Budapest. There’s no question this couple does their homework in order to educate their followers about the background behind their journeys.

Exploring the temples of Machu Picchu and chasing waterfalls are some of Rodrigo’s favorite pastimes. Gazing at puffy clouds and golden sunsets, swimming in rivers, and lounging on the windowsills of El Castillo De Lamas is how this travel influencer rolls. Want to learn more about Rodrigo’s adventures? Be sure to check out his Perlu profile!

These Latin Influencers are ready and willing to collaborate with influencers and brands alike. Ready to network? Be sure to connect with them today on Perlu!

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