Spotlight: Parenting Influencers | June 2020

Perlu’s newest parenting influencers are making the most out of their lockdown by hanging out with their kids in style. From matching outfits to trendy home decor, these moms really know how to spice up quarantine life!

This twin mom has got us seeing double. Muneera spends her days working in construction while also taking the time to build matching outfits for her family. Through her blog and Instagram account, she is able to flaunt her excellent eye for fashion. Recently, Muneera suited up the twins in matching swan-themed swimwear, fedoras, and sunglasses. Looking sharp, girls!

A glimpse into the life of Brittney is one full of fashion and crafting. She loves to twin with her daughter while soaking in some of that Florida sun. A trip to the beach for this mother-daughter duo equals matching Kortni Jeane swimsuits, and a tandem walk through the neighborhood calls for identical Lilly Pulitzer dresses. The world is their runway!

Need new ideas on how to spice up your kitchen’s backsplash? Farmhouse Decor Mama has got your back! Her Nashville-flair shines throughout all of her posts, showing us exactly what home-sweet-home should look like. This mama bear loves to work with brands like Crock-Pot and Clorox, and we can’t wait to see what her next project will bring!

While social distancing with her identical twins and oldest daughter, Karla has been able to capture some wonderful motherly moments. Coordinated family outfits, kiddie pools, and snack time all come together to illustrate the life of Karla Plus Three. She certainly knows her stuff; Luvs, Kohls, and Fiber One are all a part of her motherly survival kit!

This “Slay”-At-Home mom runs her own boutique out of the house while raising her two boys. While doing all of this, she has still managed to leave no stone unturned in the fashion world. From Oakley to Maverick The Collection, this trendy mom’s outfits are sure to please!

Up for a tricycle race? How about a trip to Disney Land? This toddler mom is dedicated to finding the best activities and products while sticking to a budget. When they aren’t busy road-tripping to places like SeaWorld and LEGOLAND, you can catch Zohra and her two children creating marvelous finger paintings and chalk masterpieces. Dove and Mary Ruth Organics are some of the brands that get this mom’s seal of approval!

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