Food Brands that are Hungry for Perlu Partners

The food industry is alive and well on social media, and many influencers are ready to take a bite. Thankfully, lots of food brands are members of the Perlu community, too! All of the companies listed below are looking for quality partners to bring new creative ideas to the table, so be sure to visit their profiles and pitch your ideas for collaboration!

This family-owned business prides itself on producing protein-packed jerky in a variety of different flavors. From Jalapeno Beef to Salt & Pepper Venison, all of Chomps’s mouth-watering snacks are offered by many retailers including Walmart and Trader Joes. Turkey, beef, and venison are the company’s staples, and every last animal is raised responsibly. Chomp’s venison and beef are 100% grass fed, and its turkey is both free-range and 100% antibiotic free, making this brand a must-have for your pantry!

Coffeeine takes a whole new approach to the coffee business! The brand puts a large emphasis on environmental sustainability, and does everything in its power to deliver quality bio-responsible coffee into mugs everywhere. By grabbing a cup of Coffeine, consumers are able to be a part of this company’s earth-friendly mission!

Not only is Maia Yogurt good for your gut, but it also comes in eight different flavors! According to their website, each cup is packed with “25+ Billon CFU strands of live active probiotic bacteria, 16 grams Protein, and 100% grass-fed milk.” Maia is inspired by moms who prioritize the health of their families, so every last spoonful is meant to support a nutritious diet. 

Curbing cravings is easy with MealEnders! According to their website, these “taste-bud scintillating 15-calorie lozenges help you beat overeating and master portion control.” MealEnders even took a dive into the popular ABC show, Shark Tank! After swimming with the sharks, this brand is ready to find some Perlu partners.

Rise prioritizes simplicity when it comes to the ingredients that it uses. Its protein bars are perfect for those who are looking to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Nut butter, protein powder, and natural sweetener make up “the base of every bar,” which allows consumers to feel good about what is inside the wrapper. 

Tillamook has been producing everything dairy for over 100 years! Quality cheese, ice cream, butter, and yogurt are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this powerhouse of a creamery. Shannon Lourenzo, Farmer-owner and Chairman of the Tillamook Board of Directors, says that the company “represents generations handed down, and that’s why [they’ll] continue to put in the hard work, be good stewards, and sustain [their] resources.”

Struggling to find a healthy creamer? URBY is here to help! This plant-based coffee creamer has some added bonuses: protein and less guilt. If URBY is on your shelf, you can feel free to say yes to creamer whenever you please. Mornings are about to become that much sweeter, and we’re here for it. 

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