Influencer Marketing Platforms: Why Perlu Takes the Cake

If you do a quick Google search for “influencer collaboration,” most of the posts you’ll find are about teaching brands how to do influencer marketing instead of teaching influencers how to attract brands and collaborate with other influencers. Search for “influencer platform” and all the links lead to platforms built with brands in mind.

The more you scroll through the Google results and the more influencer platforms you test out, the more it feels like everyone cares more about businesses and their success than you.

That’s what makes Perlu special: it’s an influencer marketing platform built for influencers to connect you with other influencers and brands.

At Perlu, Influencers Come First

Since Perlu was made for influencers first, it means your needs come first. Everything about Perlu was built to make your life easier.

influencer friends collaborating

On Perlu, influencers organize themselves into groups called Packs which help you organize your contacts and find influencers who love what you love – a unique advantage no other platform has. Our influencer marketing platform focuses on helping you collaborate with other influencers to broaden your reach, build a boss community, and create 2X the content for half the work.

Think about it: you create one video with another influencer and not only does it reach your audience – it reaches your co-collaborator’s audience, too! Collaboration is THE BEST (and fastest) way to grow as an influencer.

Think of collaborations as that little blue checkmark on social media. Every collaboration you participate in acts like that checkmark, validating that you’re a real influencer.

And what’s extra awesome is that Perlu makes those collaborations easier, which makes your life easier so you can GROW LIKE CRAZY! All that growth helps you establish yourself as an influencer and build your reputation, making you all the more attractive to other influencers and brands.

And now we have brands on Perlu, which means our platform actually helps you get found and partner with brands (both individually and with your Packs), too!

Establish Yourself and Build Your Reputation

No more spreadsheets. No more unprofessional DMs. No more crowded, messy Facebook groups. No more unanswered emails. No more Instagram follows and Facebook friends that never amount to anything. No more fake followers.

frustrated influencer

Now, with Perlu, you can do it all:

  • Join groups of influencers called Packs to meet and mingle and build a boss network
  • Create your own Pack to show influencers and brands that you’re a powerhouse influencer ready to make some out-of-this-world content
  • Join and create Collabs to make loads of content, learn from other influencers, give shoutouts and more to gain exposure and grow your audience
  • Manage and message all your contacts directly on the platform to easily stay connected
  • Establish yourself and build your reputation as an influencer through Collabs so you’re more attractive to brands

No juggling a dozen different spreadsheets and communication channels. Everything you need to succeed is here, on Perlu. Don’t believe us? Just ask fashion influencer Jenisha Patel.

“For the past few months, I was struggling as an amateur blogger, I was looking for reaching out more & more people. Trying everything I can, to grow my blog. But let’s get real, it takes too much time and effort to explore the blogging world. Until I came across Perlu. And I can’t tell you enough how much it helps me to grow as an influencer. It has everything that an amateur, as well as expert, can use. And only by a few clicks, I can reach out to my audience as well as people just like me who I can collaborate with.”

As you join Packs and start participating in Collabs, you’ll start creating 2X the content for half the work. The more quality content you create, the bigger your audience grows and the more brand collaborations come your way.

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When Influencers Win, Brands Win

You may be wondering what’s in it for brands, since the platform was built for influencers first.

Here’s a truth bomb for you: when an influencer’s needs are put first, that influencer succeeds. When that influencer succeeds, guess who comes knocking at their door? BRANDS!

Because that’s really what brands want: real, authentic influencers.

So, what better place for brands to turn to for influencer marketing than a killer network of highly active, high-quality influencers who are already getting stuff done?

influencer community

Perlu is the only influencer marketing platform that nurtures a community of active influencers – not fake ones. Our influencers are constantly collaborating and interacting, which shows brands you’re the real deal.

Another way Perlu helps influencers and brands win? Well, a lot of influencer marketing platforms function as a directory – you list your name, your followers and your contact information and brands and influencers can shuffle through like the Yellow Pages.

“I have utilized so many different influencer platforms in the past,” says style influencer and blogger Victoria Marinucci. “So many of them just take your information and only contact you when an opportunity comes to them. This is not fair to the influencer, who doesn’t even get to pick and choose which to apply to!”

Perlu, on the other hand, is a living, breathing, active community of influencers who are doing the work. They’re collaborating, creating killer content, giving shoutouts and backlinks, promoting brands and cultivating a community. And, through Packs, you’re able to choose precisely who you want to work with, unlike Facebook groups and other influencer marketing platforms.

Perlu’s advisor team takes the brand experience one step further by putting them in touch with our advisors. Perlu advisors provide support and guidance to brands so they can find the best influencers to work with – like you!

Perlu shows brands what you do, what you love, how big your audience is and who you’re collaborating with. Perlu even highlights the content you’re putting out into the world. All the information brands need and more is right there on one influencer marketing platform.

The gist? When you join Perlu, you’re not just putting your name up on an electronic bulletin board – you’re joining a community that helps you network and collaborate and establish yourself as a legit influencer. All this makes you 10X more attractive to brands so you can start working with them and watch your influencer career take off.

Join Perlu And Let the Influencers Come to You!