Perlu’s 2020 Stats in a Nutshell

2020 was a year full of challenges, changes, and unprecedented events. But one thing is for sure: we are so grateful for all of the people that we have gotten to work with this year. Here are Perlu’s 2020 stats in a nutshell: 

11,958 Members joined us this year

This includes brands, influencers, creatives, agencies, and more!

Our content types united us. Together, we created 1,592 Packs

Our top three categories were: 

  • Style & Fashion
  • Travel
  • Family & Relationships

We got stuff done: 1,243 Collabs were posted

Once we were brought together by our common niches, we accomplished so much.

14,148 Partnerships were completed

Our members came to Perlu motivated and ready to collaborate!

National Influencer Day

On October 6, Perlu celebrated National Influencer Day by organizing the Influencer Insight & Impact Conference (i3CON) online. We summoned skillful content creators and brands alike to brainstorm about how to be successful in the growing field of influencer marketing. Dozens of professionals came together to discuss how to navigate through the challenges that have arisen in the marketing landscape this year and how brands and influencers can work together to overcome these difficulties. 

National Influencer Day

We collaborated on some amazing campaigns


Perlu pulled together a Pack of over 40 gluten-free influencers for Schar to promote their new hot dog rolls, hamburger buns, and other gluten-free products. Influencer partners created recipes using Schar products and shared them across Instagram, Facebook, and blogs. The most successful partners were re-engaged to share Instagram stories promoting Schar’s new sampling box. Together, the campaigns reached 5,212,000 impressions.

Schar Influencer Posts


Perlu developed a 2-phase program to promote two different scotches from Bruichladdich. Influencer partners attended in-depth training sessions to learn more about the brand before creating content. For Octomore 11, 11 partners worked together to create a 6-part tasting guide for the scotch, published across various alcohol blogs. The second phase was the Classic Laddie Challenge, where 17 partners published content across several social platforms, reaching an audience of 1.3 million followers.

Mount Gay

Perlu partnered with Mount Gay on the #MountGayMoments campaign to support bartenders who are out of work due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 26 influencers reshared videos of cocktails handcrafted by bartenders from around the country, reaching an audience of 2,125,000 impressions. Several even recreated their own versions of the drinks!

Walton Family Foundation

Perlu collaborated with the Walton Family Foundation to have 21 parenting influencers contribute to the #SchoolsIn campaign. These parents shared their struggles, laughter, and successes through the challenges of virtual learning with their children. Their content and stories reached 5,173,000 impressions!

Schools In Campaign Post

Perlu even secured the spotlight in notable publications

Ad Age

Morning Consult

Snack and Bakery

Neal Schaffer

Social Media Today


While 2020 has been a unique year, we here at Perlu are grateful to still have been able to gain so many new opportunities. From managing new campaigns to carrying out captivating projects, there’s no question that we have had a fruitful work-from-home experience. Thank you for choosing to work with us in 2020, and here’s to a 2021 full of hope, happiness, and health. Happy new year from our family here at Perlu to yours! 

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