Spotlight: Black Creators | June 2020

We here at Perlu would like to recognize some of the many black members of our community who are making their mark on the social media universe. These creators post a variety of different types of thoughtful content ranging from beauty to finance, and we’re ready to shine our spotlight on them. Without further ado, let’s meet these talented influencers!

It’s time to catch a glimpse of family time with the Azih’s! Onyi, one of the coolest moms on Instagram, is here to share her favorite moments with her children and husband. While juggling motherhood, a career as a physician assistant, and her journeys as a traveller, this TikTok-famous mom still makes sure to find some time for herself. Whether she’s lounging in her hammock, having a Burt’s Bees spa day, or hanging out in her backyard with a glass of Fortify Probiotic in hand, Onyi certainly makes it a point to relax and recharge. 

Eager to make some financial moves? “That Finance Chick” has the power to help you manage your money the right way. AttiQuewa teaches wealth-building classes to those that are looking to transform their earnings into long-term assets. Cheerios, Fashion Nova, Starbucks are some of the brands that this dollar-savvy influencer has worked with, and we can’t wait to see what she does next. Make sure to tune into her virtual lectures to get some of the best money management tips on Instagram!

“Your Internet Curlfriend” is here to inspire your next beauty haul! Amina knows just about everything there is to know about natural beauty; hair and skin care are some of her many fortes, but she also knows a thing or two about wellness. Nothing can get in the way of this influencer’s progress – not even quarantine! During lockdown, she provided tips about staying motivated toward maintaining a fit and positive lifestyle. Some of her go-to products are New Balance workout attire and Yes To Scalp Treatment. Tune in to see more of Amina’s lovely lifestyle! 

It’s Naoumie’s world, and we’re all just living in it! This international model has got her poses down to a science. There’s no question that cameras everywhere love Naoumie, and she’s taking her elegance to the next level on Perlu. While wearing a flowy yellow dress, Naoumie recently showcased her graceful poise on Instagram. The airy shapes made by the sheer fabric that she held allowed the picture to turn into a work of art. Victoria’s Secret, PÜR Cosmetics, Maybelline, and more are lining up around the block to work with this star! 

This sharp stylist makes every last aspect of life classy. For Ishmeal, grocery store runs call for a perfectly-tailored blazer, and a trip to the pier requires flaunting a vibrant orange outfit from Zara! While lounging around at home, he likes to rock his classic Nike shoes, royal blue Express pants, and Urban Outfitters shades. There’s no question that this artsy influencer lives and breathes his craft, and we are excited to see the next chapter of his dapper lifestyle!

Nerline loves to share her beauty secrets with her followers! From Pixi Beauty to Neutrogena, her skin care products of choice are sure to please. When this busy mom isn’t on the hunt for the best toners and moisturizers, you can find her adventuring to places like Lake Allatoona. If you are interested in her skin care suggestions, feel free to give Nerline a follow! 

Ready to find out What Taylor Likes? H&M and Botanics USA are amongst her labels of choice! Not only does Taylor adore prints that pop, but she is also quite the foodie. You can catch her any day with a cup of Foxtrot Market matcha that compliments her floral-printed outfit. A night on the town for Taylor means glamorous outfits complete with a blazer and a cocktail in hand. Be sure to visit her page to see more of What Taylor Likes!

Craving classy cocktails? This Atlanta-based mixologist is here to quench your thirst! Jarrett, bartender at 12 Cocktail Bar, spends his time designing contemporary combinations such as the “Pink Tint.” He also enjoys serving twists on classic favorites. His refreshing take on the Mint Julep calls for Old Forester Rye, lemon, oleo-saccharum, mint, and ginger tincture. For more recipes, be sure to check out his profile!

Maria’s captivating way of life consists of reading novels, sipping on red wine, seeing sights, and piecing together the perfect outfits. This aesthetic aficionado strategically curates her Instagram feed to be as cohesive as possible. Using Adobe Lightroom filter presets, Maria is able to showcase her partnerships with H&M, Zara, and much more in a visually pleasing fashion. 

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